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Eyelash Extension Injury Claims

There’s no question that having Eyelash Extensions can leave you looking amazing……….unfortunately there are some beauty salons that are badly failing customers by leaving them hurt, distressed and looking for redress.

Doll Eye


Have You an Eyelash Extension Claim?

When things do go wrong there can be serious consequences particularly as the skin in and around the eyes is so delicate and sensitive.

On occasions the eye itself can be damaged and then there can be serious complications including even the risk of blindness.

  1. It is so important the Beauty Salon carries out a skin patch test to ensure that there are not likely to be any allergic reactions to the substances used.
  2. This needs to be carried out 48 hours or more before the main appointment to extend the Eye Lashes.
  3. The procedure itself carries risks such as the application of too much glue which can cause the lashes to clump together or it can enter the eye causing pain, discomfort and irritation.
  4. There can also be a risk of infection if the equipment is not sterilised.

So what sort of injuries can occur and what should you do if you are injured whist having Eye Lash Extensions?


Eyelash Extension Injury Claims

Unfortunately there are many things that can go wrong when carrying out Eyelash Extensions resulting in:

  • Swelling and blistering;
  • Chemical Burns;
  • Allergic Reactions and Skin Damage;
  • Inflammation and Itching;
  • Permanent Damage to Eye Lashes;
  • Eye Lash loss;
  • Damage to Eyes.

The list could be longer still but the main thing to emphasise is you should seek expert advice if you wish to bring an Eye Lash Extension Injury Claim.

In particular you should speak with a Solicitor who specialises in Eye Lash Extension Injury Claims straightaway so that you are given the best chance of succeeding with your claim.


What to do Following an Eyelash Extension Injury?

  • First and foremost seek medical advice from your Gp or local Hospital depending upon the severity of the symptoms;
  • Ensure that your Eye Lash Extension injury is recorded in the Beauty Salon’s Accident Book. Ensure that the record is accurate and comprehensive;
  • If possible find out who the Salon’s insurer is so that the Solicitor can write directly to them. By law the Public Liability Insurance details should be in a prominent place at the Salon’s premises.
  • Take a series of photographs showing the nature and extent of the injury. Take regular photographs over time and remember to date them.

If you have been left with any Injury following an Eye Lash Extension we can Help You you with your claim.

100% of our Eye Lash Extension Claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you do not have to worry about any financial risk at all as if your claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything.


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