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Hairdresser hair tinting

Hair Dye Claims

More and more people are choosing to dye their hair and increasing numbers are bringing Hair Dye Claims after suffering quite serious, and sometimes life threatening allergic reactions to the chemicals contained within the hair dye.

Hairdresser hair tinting

Hair Dye Claims can arise from allergic reactions taking place either in the home following the purchase of Home Hair Dye Kits or in the Hairdresser’s salon. Either way, in view of the seriousness of the possible allergic reaction to the chemicals in the Hair Dye all necessary precautions must be carried out to minimise the risk of injury.

Hair Dye Treatment at Home.

Choosing to carry out Hair Dye Treatment in the comfort of the home is becoming ever more popular especially as home Hair Dye kits are considerably cheaper than a visit to the beauty salon. If you want to try Dyeing your hair at home what sort of things should you bear in mind in an effort to protect yourself?

  • Read and follow the instructions carefully and do not proceed if you are in any doubt about what to do;
  • Ensure that you complete a patch test at least 48 hours before;
  • Repeat the patch test every single time because manufacturers will sometimes change the chemical composition of the product and you may have a different reaction every time you use the same time;
  • Also bear in mind that your skin can change every 4-6 weeks and therefore even if the product doesn’t change there is always the risk that you can become allergic to the Hair Dye.

What to do following an Allergic Reaction at Home?

  • First things first – these sort of reactions need urgent and immediate medical attention;
  • Ensure that you retain all the components of the hair dye kit as well as all the packaging and instructions;
  • When at all possible take a series of photographs showing your injuries;
  • Keep the receipt safe for the Hair Dye product as this will be needed for your Hair Dye Claim;
  • Seek legal advice from Solicitors specialising in Hair Dye Claims.

Hair Dye Treatment at a Salon.

For the reasons outlined above Hair dressers should conduct a skin test every 4-6 weeks and furthermore Hairdressers should do a strand test before every application of bleach. Failing to do this is asking for trouble and will in itself on the face it give rise to a Hair Dye Claim.

Professional tints tend to have a large amount of chemicals in them and the salon or hairdresser needs to ensure that the client doesn’t develop any symptoms as the procedure is actually carried out. Caution is always the best practie to adopt and if you are having your hair bleached, as a matter of course, your hair should be checked at regular intervals of 10 – 15 minutes to ensure that the colour is developing in the right way. Once the bleaching process has been completed your hair should be rinsed with plenty of cold water.

Should your hair feel itchy or your scalp is burning you should let somebody know immediately, and then the dye should be removed.

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