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Hair Straightening is a technique used to style hair to give it a smooth and straight appearance and although this technique has become increasingly popular there is potential if things go wrong to seriously damage your hair and scalp which can lead to bringing Hair Straightening Compensation Claims.

Types of Hair Straightening?

“Japanese  Straightening ” or “Thermal Reconditioning”

This is one of the most popular types of Hair Straightening treatments and this is where the hair is treated with a chemical solution which is then washed out and blow dried. Finally flat iron tongs are used which are heated to eye wateringly high temparatures. This in itself makes the process hazardous leaving aside any further complications arising out of the suitability of the hair for the Straightening process.  If things do go wrong then you can be left with serious 2nd or 3rd degree burns involing injuries which will require immediate and urgent attention at hospital.

“Brazilian Hair Straightening” or “Keratin Hair Straightening”

This involves transforming the hair into a straightened state by using Keratin, a type of protein. A chemical known as formaldehyde is then added to the Keratin which facilitates the boding of the Keratin to the hair but this process can result in an allergic reaction. Keratin Straightening treatment generally lasts around the two month mark after which time it will be necessary to repeat the process to retain the straightness of the hair.

Chemical Relaxers

This type of treatment tends to be one of the cheaper and potentially less risky forms of treatment because the chemicals act in a much less aggressive and gentler way. The downside though is that if you are looking for totally straight hair the treatment may not be entirely effective. However, this still does not mean that things can’t go wrong and it is still possible to sustain injury if the chemicals are applied incorrectly and without proper care.

The Hair Strand Test

The various types of hair straightening techniques can and do involve chemicals containing toxins and the use of these can be frought with danger.

The salon clearly needs to ensure that the correct product is carefully selected and that there is no potential for any allergic reaction to the product. This is achieved by the hair stylist undertaking a hair strand test at least 48 hours before the proposed straightening treatment.

Sometimes, depending upon the strength of the chemical to be used, it is also necessary for a medical expert to become involved to enure as far a possible there will be no adverse reaction to the chemicals and it may well be that a skin test is carried out too.

Caution on behalf of the salon is always the best policy here for obvious reasons and clearly any failure to carry out all reasonable care will give rise to a Hair Straightening Compensation Claim.

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