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Can you bring a Laser Hair Removal Claim?

Laser hair removal treatment has become increasingly popular and affordable in recent times along with many types of cosmetic surgery.

This clinically-proven procedure uses lasers to shine intense pulsed light and heat into hair follicles which in turn inhibits or slows down further hair follicle growth.

The areas that are commonly treated are the legs, arms, face, chest, bikini and underarms.

The procedure is usually done in a series of 6-8 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Laser hair removal is not permanent, but it can reduce hair growth significantly.

The cost of laser hair removal treatments varies depending on the size of unwanted hair and the area being treated.

As with all aspects of cosmetic surgery, procedures involving laser treatment carry risks and regretfully, beauty salons are not authorised and regulated by law.

We understand how painful and distressing the side effects of laser hair removal treatments can be.

We specialise in laser hair removal negligence compensation claims and can help you to bring a claim for compensation for laser hair removal negligence:

  • Beauty salons which offer laser hair removal treatment clearly need to ensure that they comply with a whole range of health and safety laws. Unfortunately, it seems laser hair removal claims are on the rise as a consequence of being carried out incorrectly through a lack of training and/or without reasonable care.
  • There are a whole range of responsibilities that your beauty salon owes you and it’s so important that they carry out their duties seriously and with all the necessary care.
  • Even before the laser hair removal treatment is carried out the beauty salon should run through the potential risks associated with laser hair treatment. It’s critical you are aware of the risks involved and any adverse reactions if the laser hair treatment goes wrong.
  • Laser hair removal treatment can go wrong for a number of different reasons either before, during or after the procedure.
  • It’s important that you are not given unrealistic expectations about the laser hair treatment and that you are allowed to make an informed decision about the potential risks of laser treatment.
  • If you are placed under pressure at a clinic to undergo laser hair removal treatment, this is never a good sign.


Laser Hair Removal – What can go Wrong?

Laser hair removal procedures should always be carried out by a qualified and experienced medical professional, but even then, things can go wrong giving rise to laser hair removal injury and compensation claims.

Laser hair removal treatment can go wrong for a number of reasons. For example:

  1. The beautician might not have been properly trained or didn’t have the right qualifications;
  2. There is always the possibility, which is not uncommon, that the beautician had not been properly supervised;
  3. Your skin may not have been properly assessed and may not have been suitable for the laser hair removal treatment;
  4. There might have been a failure to carry out the procedure using the appropriate equipment and/or utilising the right laser hair equipment settings;
  5. Another issue might have been a failure to service the laser equipment and/or there was a fault with the laser hair equipment;
  6. If you’ve been burnt by the laser then this may have arisen as a consequence of the area being treated for too long.


The duty of care owed to you in the context of laser hair removal procedure is far reaching.

If things have gone wrong we will be looking into whether the laser hair removal burn salon has breached this duty and the prospect of you being entitled to compensation. We can, of course, explain all the details of claiming compensation, if you wish to make a claim for laser hair removal burns.

Laser Hair Removal Injury

Whatever has happened it’s important that you seek to protect your position and take the right steps.

We’re here to help whether the consequences of the treatment are minor or severe.

We will help you with free legal advice, and answer any questions you might have about bringing a laser hair personal injury compensation claim and on a no win no fee basis.

Here are just some of the problems you may experience when a laser hair removal procedure has gone wrong:

  • Swelling, pain, itching and redness
  • Laser hair removal blisters including severe sensitivity
  • Loss of the pigment (colour) in the skin, also known as hypo-pigmentation
  • Scarring caused by initial treatment or infection following treatment
  • Darkening of the pigment (colour) in the skin, also known as hyper-pigmentation
  • Laser hair removal burns
  • Eye injuries due to the laser
  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Bleeding under the skin which looks like a rash, known as purpura
  • Crusting as a consequence of over treatment of the area
  • Severe psychological reaction


Thankfully, most of the side effects of a laser burn are temporary but some can have a long-term effect on you.

Talk to us so we can recover maximum compensation for your laser hair removal treatment claim and on a No Win No Fee basis. We will make sure that during this difficult time we look after you in a sensitive and professional manner.

Scarring from Laser Removal Hair Treatment

The cause of scarring following laser hair treatment is varied and needs to be established before deciding whether to proceed with a claim for a laser hair removal negligence or compensation action.

Sadly, it is not at all uncommon for clients to suffer with serious laser hair removal burns and scarring arising out of being treated by unqualified or inexperienced therapists who are using cheap or inadequate laser hair removal equipment.

A duty of care is owed to you and it’s vital your practitioner asks you a whole series of questions before your treatment to ensure risks of burning and scarring are kept to a minimum. For instance, there is an increased chance of  being burnt if you have been on a sunbed beforehand. This pre-exposure to light normally results in an increased amount of melanin (pigment) which in turn can result in the laser being more concentrated.

During the actual laser hair treatment, it is customary for the skin to feel hot but the skin should cool down pretty quickly afterwards.

The warning sign of being burnt is when the skin remains hot. If so you should always tell your medical practitioner who might well take steps to cool down the skin thereby avoiding a burn altogether or reducing its severity.

On certain occasions it might not be obvious you have been burnt until you arrive home in which case you must immediately seek professional opinion from your practitioner and/or your doctor.

Does the Scarring  disappear?

Much will depend upon the nature and severity of the scarring and whether you receive the best advice following the treatment.

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that damage from laser hair removal burns or laser hair removal blisters can result in permanent scarring.

In every case, and however bad the scarring, it is worth finding out whether you are able to claim compensation. Of course with permanent scarring the compensation amounts are much higher and towards the top end of the relevant scale.

Naturally, scarring will not only have an impact physically, but very often there is a significant adverse effect upon an individual’s psychological and emotional state. The toll on someone’s life can be devastating, having an effect on their self-esteem and overall sense of well being.

Depending upon your particular circumstances, any claim for laser hair- removal compensation will take into account not only the physical effects of the treatment but also the way in which the treatment has impacted your life as a whole.

What to do if you have Laser Hair Removal Burns?

  1. If you have suffered laser hair removal burns following laser hair removal, then the first priority will be to seek medical attention and obtain any medical advice straight away. This might be from your GP or depending upon the severity of your injuries, your local hospital.
  2. Seeking medical treatment right away is especially important if you have suffered laser burns. Your  doctor will be able to tell you the most appropriate treatment. The sooner you receive the treatment, then the less chance of there being further complications down the line. It’s important to be aware that even though the extent of the damage to your skin may not be immediately apparent seeking urgent medical attention is crucial
  3. Once you have sorted out the medical side of things, you can turn your mind to taking photographs of your injuries and writing down a detailed chronology while matters are fresh in your mind. This information can then be sent to your laser hair removal negligence solicitor to help with the investigation of your claim.
  4. You need to remember to keep taking photographs of your injuries so that you can produce a timeline of medical evidence which will show how the laser hair removal injuries progressed.  Photographs of laser treatment are often the best source of evidence and will no doubt assist when coming to value personal injury claims of this type.
  5. You should advise your practitioner about what side effects you’ve experienced and see your GP to get advice if there is a possible infection. If you have visited your GP or Hospital for advice about laser hair removal treatment, then your medical records will be a valuable source of information in the context of bringing laser hair removal claims. For instance your medical records should explain the cause of the pain and any scarring which will assist your solicitor when they come to assess laser hair removal claims.


Contact us for free as soon as possible so you can receive expert advice on the claims process for bringing your beauty treatment claim and claim compensation.

Starting your Laser Hair Removal Compensation Claim

  • Using our many years of experience within the compensation and personal injury field, we can help you to decide whether to go ahead and make a laser hair removal claim.
  • We can give you all the information you need to make an informed decision and will do this in an easy to understand way without using legal terms or jargon.
  • We want you to be comfortable with your decision to take matters further and that’s why we always make sure we are here to answer any questions about your compensation laser hair removal claim.
  • It’s not unsual for clients of ours to feel concerned about the prospect of putting pressure on the defendant’s business by pursuing compensation for laser hair removal. But in practice it will be the insurers who will be paying the amount of compensation.
  • We also know that in circumstances such as these the defendant’s insurers will carry out an investigation and recommendations will be made to ensure that similar mistakes are not made again.
  • By making a claim it is quite possible you are protecting other people from suffering negligence claims in the same way as yourself.


Call us today for expert advice and we will be delighted to talk things through with you so you can start your claim without any upfront legal fees or hassle and head towards that compensation settlement.

What’s My Claim Worth?

How much compensation is my laser hair removal compensation claim worth is a common question we are asked.

Each laser injury claim is different not only physically but also psychologically and financially, and therefore, the amount of compensation can vary enormously. The nature extent of the injuries and the losses and medical costs you have incurred will determine how much compensation you are entitled to.

This means it is very difficult to give anything other that general guidance in terms of the potential value of your claim. There’s no substitute for getting in touch so we can  discuss your individual situation and circumstances.

Once we have all the necessary information, we will of course be able to give you a much better idea about the amount of your damages claim subject to liability.

In an effort to give you an indication of the sort of amounts involved, we have copied below an extract from the fifteenth edition of the Judicial College Guidelines:


(a) Very Severe Scarring

In a relatively young claimants (typically teens to early 30s) where the cosmetic effect is very disfiguring and the psychological reaction severe.

£27,940 to £91,350


(b) Less Severe Scarring

Where the disfigurement is still substantial and where there is a significant psychological reaction.

£16,860 to £45,440


(c) Significant Scarring

Where the worst effects have been or will be reduced by plastic surgery leaving some cosmetic disability and where the psychological reaction is not great or, having been considerable at the outset, has diminished to relatively minor proportions.

£8,550 to £28,240


(d) Less Significant Scarring

In these cases there may be but one scar which can be camouflaged or, though there are a number of very small scars, the overall effect is to mar but not markedly to affect the appearance and the skin reaction itself is no more than that of an ordinarily sensitive young woman.

£3,710 to £12,900


(e) Trivial Scarring

In these cases the effect is minor only.

£1,600 to £3,310

No Win No Fee for your Laser Hair Removal Claim?

  • We specialise in providing No Win No Fee Claims to help our clients claim compensation for laser hair removal treatment without any worry or hassle.
  • It certainly won’t cost you anything to come and talk to us about your situation and whether there is potential for you to make a No Win No fee hair removal claim.
  • The last thing you want is to be saddled with legal fees when you make a claim.
  • If we are able to accept your laser hair removal compensation claim then we offer a genuine No Win No Fee service which means you are financially protected. This also means you can proceed safe in the knowledge that there will be no costs to pay if you make a claim and it fails.
  • We will treat you, our client as an individual and we can give you a personal No Win No Fee legal advice service with a view to recovering maximum laser hair removal compensation.
  • This type of laser hair removal compensation claim service is often not available from larger personal injury solicitors firms.
  • How can a personal injury solicitor in a large firm dealing with huge numbers of negligence claims provide their clients with anything remotely like a genuine personal service?
  • We guarantee that if your laser hair removal compensation claim is unsuccessful, you will pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
  • Come to us on a No Win No Fee basis and claim for laser hair compensation and let our personal injury lawyers look after you.
  • Make a compensation claim on a No Win No Fee basis for laser hair removal burns and let our team take care of you.


Frequently Asked Questions


What areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal treatment?

The procedure can be used on various areas of the body including the face, chest, arms legs, bikini line and underarms.

What are the risks of Laser Hair removal?

Laser hair removal is generally considered to be fast, safe and painless but like any medical procedures, there are always risks involved and these may include.

Skin irritation including redness, blisters, swelling and scabbing;
Pigmentation changes;
Eye injury (if the eyes are exposed when undergoing the laser medical treatment).

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works by using a concentrated beam of light to target the melanin in the hair. The light from the laser destroys hair follicles and prevents re-growth.

What are the most common reasons for bringing Laser Hair Removal Claims?

Laser Hair Removal Claims are often down to two main reasons – firstly, the patient was not suitable for the laser burn procedure and or the laser treatment itself was not carried out in the correct manner or using proper techniques.

Laser hair removal is not effective for everyone. Laser hair removal is most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair and and unless there is a proper screening process including a salon patch test, then there is a real risk that things can go wrong. Even then salons must ensure their staff have all the correct training and are familiar with the laser hair removal burn equipment which must be in good working order.

What have we got to offer when it comes to handling your Laser Hair Removal Claim?

We have a very experienced team of specialist lawyers and we provide a sympathetic and a personal service offering a genuine no win no fee agreement service.

Unlike larger firms we pride ourselves on providing individual attention and genuine support so you can pursue your compensation claim with the utmost confidence.

We have a huge number of five-star reviews from clients who have been delighted with our service.

You can be sure that we will look after your interests and bring about the result that you deserve.

Contact us to claim for laser hair removal compensation to recover maximum compensation.

What challenges are there when bringing a Laser Hair Removal Claim?

One of the main challenges of Laser hair removal compensation claims is the complexity of establishing liability and demonstrating that there has been medical negligence here.

There is the question of navigating the legal process and presenting the claim in the right way to the insurance company.

We have the necessary expertise and can support you every step of the way that we can look to make the whole process as stress free and simple as possible.


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