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Permanent Make Up Compensation Claims

Feeling confident about the way you look helps you to feel confident about yourself and many people use cosmetic procedures such as permanent make up to help enhance their appearance. But these procedures can go wrong and when they do they can have a long and lasting impact on your life.

We do understand how difficult it is to have had a beauty treatment go wrong. We can help you to talk about what has happened and make sure that you have the best prospects of winning your claim for compensation if that is what you choose to do.

What is Permanent Make Up?

Permanent make up, also known as semi-permanent make up, cosmetic tattooing or micro pigmentation is a procedure used for a number of things such as making eyebrows darker where there is little or no hair there, adding an eyeliner tattoo so you don’t need to use a pencil again or even adding a lip line so there is less lipstick bleed.

As the name implies, a procedure using tattoos involves a needle penetrating the skin and leaving a pigment behind. Proper sterilisation processes should be followed, and a patch test completed too. Patch tests are strongly recommended for all beauty treatment including Eyebrow Tinting Compensation Claims.

What can go wrong with Permanent Make Up Procedures?

With treatments costing between £300 to £600 per session and lasting anywhere between 1 to 3 years it can be an expensive and distressing if things do go wrong.

The most common complications are:

  •  Skin damage;
  • Allergic reactions to the dye used;
  • Infection;
  • Not achieving the desired effect;
  • Rashes;
  • Granulomas (– nodules which form around foreign matter in the body).

There is also a requirement for the practitioner to have completed proper training and to have insurance in place too.

What Will It Cost Me To Make A Permanent Make Up Claim?

It won’t cost you anything to talk to us. We will also be able to offer you advice about how to fund your permanent make up claim or semi permanent make up compensation claim.

We can sign you up to a ‘no win no fee’ agreement, which means if you lose you don’t pay anything.  We guarantee that if your claim is unsuccessful, you will pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

If you are considering making a claim to receive semi-permanent make up compensation, please do get in touch as we can give you advice on what steps to take next.

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