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Tanning Salon Claims

Many people say they feel healthier and that they look better when they have a tan and as a result look for something that can maintain their tan during the winter months when the sun doesn’t really make an appearance.

There are now several options to choose from if you wish to keep a year round glow without the holidays. You can opt for a spray tan, or you could use a sunbed.  There are tanning salons on every High Street these days but what if something goes wrong when you use a sunbed?

The tanning industry is self-regulated which means the tanning salon you use may not have properly trained staff and it might not give you correct advise. If you have experienced a problem when using a sunbed or tanning salon we know how upsetting this can be and we can help you make a sunbed claim.

What Problems Do Sunbeds Cause?

Tanning, whether you go out in the sun or use a sunbed can cause problems. Sunbed use brings a number of other issues to light. They are:

  • Overuse of sunbeds
  • Premature aging
  • Burning
  • Damage to your eyes – UVA light can cause cataracts
  • Cancer of the skin, also known as melanoma

There are regulations in place for the use of sunbeds by minors. Anyone under the age of 18 should not be allowed to use a sunbed at all. Salons should be using ID checks to make sure they are compliant.

Some tanning salons may not regularly maintain their equipment or the wrong bulbs may be used or recently have been changed which can result in burning. The wearing of goggles whilst using a sunbed should be enforced too.

If you have suffered from any of the problems listed above you should contact us to discuss if you would like to see if you can make a tanning salon claim for sunbed compensation.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Make A Sunbed Claim?

You can talk to us about your situation for free and we can help you to decide if you would like to make a sunbed claim.

If you do decide to make a claim for sunbed compensation, we guarantee that if your claim is unsuccessful, you will pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

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