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We understand how you feel and we can help you to come to terms with what has happened and to discuss whether you would like to make a tattoo injury claim.

Tattoos – What can go Wrong?

Tattoos invariably vary in quality and the skill of the artist will very much influence how good your tattoo looks. Alongside how your tattoo looks, there may be some problems associated with having a tattoo. These are:

  • Skin infections such as MRSA or impetigo
  • Cellulitis (deep skin infection)
  • Other life threatening infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B or C
  • Allergic reaction to the ink used
  • Allergic reaction the metal in the needle
  • Contact dermatitis

If you have suffered from any of the symptoms above please get in touch with us as we may be able to help your tatoo injury claim and obtain tattoo compensation for you.

Minimum standards of care, what should you expect?

  • The artist should go through a list of medical questions with you before attending to do your tattoo and if they do not then be wary.
  • They should also display a health and safety certificate.
  • There should also be an liability insurance certificate displayed prominently in the premises.
  • The artist should make sure that you have all the appropriate care and advice, they should ask you about any allergies or health care problems you may have.
  • They should be able to give you detailed records of all your consultations with them.
  • A new sterile needle has to be used on every customer and the artist should be clean and wear disposable gloves.

It may be difficult to establish negligence as these types of claims are not necessarily straight forward but if you can prove you have suffered harm, then you have a potential claim for negligence.

A tattooist can be liable for consequential losses if it ends up costing you money to rectify. Injuries which may occur are things like skin conditions, infection, and allergic reactions.

If you are considering pursuing a claim, you will need the following information as a starting point:

  • Conformation of the date it was undertaken.
  • The full name and address of the tattoo parlour and name of tattooist if possible.
  • Details of any consultations between you and any tattooist, both prior and post of having the tattoo. 

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100% of our Tattoo Injury Claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you do not have to worry about any financial risk at all as if your claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything.

Meeting Us

We are able to give you immediate legal representation, rehabilitation and treatment no matter where you are in England or Wales. We also provide urgent:

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