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Two people riding bikes

Bicycle Accident Claim

If you have been involved in a cycling accident we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Two people riding bikes

Every year thousands of people are injured whilst riding their bicycles on Britain’s roads.   We specialise in bicycle accident claims and securing compensation for clients arising out of this type of accident. We have years of experience in bringing bicycle accident claims and we would be delighted to help you secure the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured in a cycle accident then you need an expert solicitor who knows how to give you the best chance to succeed and then has the ability to maximise compensation arising out of the cycle accident claim.

If you have been injured in a cycle accident claim, please call us now on 0800 652 0586, from a mobile click to call 01663 761 892 or complete our Free Online Enquiry by clicking the green ‘Free Enquiry’ button above.

“I received a really first class service from Carter & Carter. I was always kept fully informed and my compensation was much better than I had anticipated. Thank you very much, I am more than happy.”

Cyclist Mr Rowe’s review of our service.

Why are Cyclists not seen by Motorists?

A significant number of bicycle accident claims arise when drivers fail to spot cyclists riding along the road.   As bicycle accident Solicitors we know only too well that car drivers unfortunately can fail to notice cyclists on the road as they are used to mainly seeing cars.

Even if you’ve got your light on your bicycle during the day car drivers can seem to look straight through you.

We know from our years of experience that a lot of cycle accident claims occur when a car pulls out from a side road without noticing the cyclist.

Bicycle Accident Claim Injuries

Being cycle accident Solicitors specialising in cycle accident claims we have seen all too often the serious injuries which can result from cycle accidents.

Injuries can often be very serious as it is rare that a cyclist will be wearing nothing other than a pair of trousers and a top whereas motorbike riders wear full leathers as well as a full helmet.

Falling off causes bad enough injuries but there is a huge list of things which a cyclist can hit once they have fallen off.  Trees, lamp posts, barriers, kerbs, walls, fences.  Unfortunately all these factors can add to the cycle injuries sustained and can  make a cycle accident claim worth a substantial amount of compensation.

What We Can Do For You

As experienced cycle accident Solicitors we have a wealth of experience dealing with cycle accident claims and the most serious injury claims.

We deal with the most specialised medical experts to ensure that you receive the right treatment after a bicycle accident, make as speedy a recovery as possible and receive the maximum amount of cycle accident compensation.

Do You Need Help With A Cycle Accident Claim?

If  you have suffered injury arising out of a cycling accident then you need expert advice and the best chances of success.

Discuss your claim now and without obligation and we will be able to let you know straight away whether your claim is likely to succeed.

We offer genuine No Win No Fee agreements which takes away any worry of being landed with expensive legal fees. Call us and use all our experience built up over 20 years to your advantage.

Call us now on 0800 652 0586, from a mobile click to call 01663 761 892 or complete our Free Online Enquiry by clicking the orange button below.

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