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Being involved in an accident or incident can be very upsetting, but when your child has been involved and is injured, it is absolutely devastating.

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When more than cotton wool is needed

There are so many things that will be worrying you such as your child’s injuries, their recovery and the pain they are in. You will also be affected as you may have to take time off work to care for your injured child and this may cause problems for you at your job.

We do understand how difficult it is to come to terms with the fact that your child has been involved in an accident and has been hurt. We can help you and offer you advice on the possibility of making a child accident claim for your child’s injury. When children have accidents in these situations it can sometimes be difficult to get to the bottom of the accident and to understand if procedures have been followed. Within settings where children are looked after, there will always be strict policies and procedures in place in terms of supervision, numbers of adults to children and so on. We will use all this information to help you to decide if you would like to make a child accident compensation claim.

Types Of Child Accidents Claims

There are many kinds of child accidents that can involve children and all can result in child compensation claims

  • Car accidents
  • Child accidents whilst at nursery or a child minders
  • Child injury whilst at school
  • Child accidents whilst on school trips
  • Slips and trips

This list is by no means exhaustive and if your child has been involved in an accident please do talk to us. We can offer you advice on child compensation claims and whether you can make a claim for your child injury.

Benefit from Our Experience in Child Injury Claims

Carter & Carter is a small and experienced law firm. We treat all our clients as individuals and as we are a small firm, we can give you that personal approach that many larger firms can’t. We’ve been practising within the personal injury field for many years and during this time we have dealt with many child injury claims and won child compensation claims.

What Will It Cost Me To Make A Child Accident Claim?

We’ll discuss your child accident compensation claim with you free of charge and we’ll make sure we explain the legal issues around your case in a clear way without using any legal jargon. If you do decide to move forward and make a child injury claim and you win, we will recover our costs from the insurance company on the other side. In the situation that you lose your claim for compensation, we won’t be paid and we will not ask you to pay us.  This means you can take your child’s injury claim forward without the fear of a large legal bill if you lose.

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