Child Accident Claim Procedure

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This will compensate your child for the pain and suffering they have been through as a result of an accident that wasn’t their fault. We understand what a difficult time this is for you and your child and there can be a lot of information you need to consider, whether that is treatment for your child’s injury or legal advice about making a claim.

There are special processes that need to be followed when making a claim for a child, but we can help you to understand the child injury claim procedure in a clear and uncomplicated way. The main difference when making a child accident claim, is the need to appoint a litigation friend who must be  a responsible adult who has the best interests of the child in mind, so it is normally a parent or guardian. They will act in a legal capacity to make decisions on behalf of the child.

Here’s a very quick run down about child injury claim procedure

So what steps are taken in a straight forward child accident claim procedure?

      • Agree terms of compensation with the other sides insurer (if possible)
      • Appoint a barrister to double check that the proposed settlement is a good one
      • Attend court for an appointment with a District Judge so that the proposed settlement can be approved
      • Compensation is then invested in a special court account until the childs 18th birthday.

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Carter & Carter is a niche and experienced firm which has been winning compensation for its clients for many years.

We have a lot of experience in child accident claim procedure and we’ll be able to help you to understand the legal process of your child’s claim in an easy to understand and uncomplicated way.

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