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Child Accident Settlement Time and Investment of Compensation

If you have decided to make a claim for personal injury on behalf of your child, then the added worry of understanding the legal details of making a claim can be a lot of additional pressure.

Clock with Time to Invest Written on

It is already a very distressing time when your child has been involved in an accident. The worry about your child’s injuries and how they are healing, the pain they are in and also the time they may be having off from school or nursery. All of these things together can be difficult to cope with.

We do know how confusing it can all seem, but we can help you to work through the details of making a claim and understanding clearly the process that needs to be followed when making the claim for your child.

We have many years’ experience with child injury settlement and we’ll make sure you benefit from this experience.

Child Injury Settlement

Once you are at the point of agreeing a figure that you are happy with for your child’s injuries this is called ‘settlement’. Once a child accident settlement is agreed, a barrister is needed to review the case. This is there in order to make sure your child’s interests are protected and that the settlement is fair. The barrister, who is appointed by us, will review your child’s injuries and then provide advice on how much they think your child’s claim is worth. They will base the valuation on case law and court guidelines. Once the barrister agrees that the proposed figure of settlement is appropriate, then we will issue all the relevant forms to the court and apply for an ‘Infant Approval Hearing’.

Infant Approval Hearing

No money can be paid out to a minor (someone under the age of 18) without the approval of the court, so it is necessary to attend an Infant Approval Hearing to obtain agreement from the court. You will need to bring along your child’s birth certificate and the judge may spend some time considering how much compensation should be paid out immediately to your child. The court will only allow an immediate payment to be made if the child has a pressing need or if the payment will be used for the benefit of your child alone.

Once agreement has been reached the court will order the defendant to pay the money into court and once this has been done, the money will be invested for your child until they are 18 years old.

Carter & Carter – Our Experience of  Child Accident Settlements

We have many years of experience in the personal injury field and we have dealt with many child accident settlements. You can be sure we will act in the best interests of your child and work towards getting the best outcome possible.

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