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Have you been injured whilst on holiday?  If you booked your holiday online or on the high street and booked it as a package holiday it will be very easy to make a package holiday claim.

What is a Package Holiday?

The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 state that:

“package” means the pre-arranged combination of at least two of the following components when “sold or offered for sale at a pre-arranged inclusive price and when the service covers a period of time more than twenty-four hours or includes overnight accommodation.”  Did you book two of these components through one company?

  1. Transport (flights for example)
  2. Accommodation (Hotel, Apartment, Campsite, etc)
  3. Other tourist services (such as a tour guide or day trip, etc)

If you did, even if you were injured anywhere in the world on holiday it is very easy to claim package holiday compensation against the Company you booked it with.  The Regulations apply to holidays booked in the EU to any destination in the World, including the UK.

I didn’t book a package holiday

If, to save money, you booked your flights through one company and your accommodation through another it is likely you have not booked a package holiday.

What this means is that if you are injured on holiday whilst abroad, to make a package holiday claim, you will have to instruct package holiday Solicitors based in the country where the accident occurred.  This can pose serious problems if your accident occurred in a far flung country such as Thailand or Australia, etc.

Lots of people make package holiday claims after being injured and it is important that you use experienced package holiday Solicitors.

What types of holiday accidents are covered?

A package holiday compensation claim could be made for virtually any type of accident from tripping in a pot hole in a road to slipping on the tiles around a swimming pool or diving into a swimming pool which is not deep and which does not have signs warning swimmers about how deep it is.

What We Can Do For You

We are package holiday Solicitors and specialise in dealing with package holiday claims.   We will run your claim against the Hotel, Apartment, Campsite or owner of the Premises where you were injured to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of package holiday compensation.

What to do now

If you’re keen to find out more about making accident claims in Manchester, just do one of the following:

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