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How to Claim Compensation (- the Easy Way)

Feet with Flowers

Claiming Compensation: It’s Easy!

If you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault, claiming for compensation from the responsible party can seem like a daunting task. But with our specialist accident solicitors’ expert help, it’s usually an easy process – and remember, you have total peace of mind in that if your claim is unsuccessful for any reason we guarantee that you will have no costs to pay.

Together, we work on your claim in three simple stages – our accident solicitors’ huge experience of obtaining compensation on a  no-win no-fee basis means you have the best chance of winning your compensation claim and with a minimum of effort as we like to keep things simple. We can take you through the whole compensation process as painlessly as possible:

  • Stage 1 – initial discussion

When you first contact us we’ll have a discussion about your accident and we will assess whether it has the potential to succeed. Remember, we have built up a reputation for taking on cases that less experienced solicitors turn down. We guarantee that at this stage, and throughout the whole process you’ll always be dealing with a qualified solicitors who will be personally allocated to your claim – we don’t farm out work to junior staff.

  • Stage 2 – gathering evidence

We’ll explain what evidence we’ll need to progress with the case. In most cases this isn’t at all complicated, and we can usually do most of the hard work contacting the relevant authorities.

  • Stage 3 – making a claim

If you have a valid claim, the defendant’s insurance company will usually want to settle out of court, paying your lump sum in compensation. We’ll advise you whether the amount you’re being offered is fair, and negotiate on your behalf if it isn’t.  Don’t worry, the vast majority of claims are successfully sorted out before anything gets to court.

So it’s all pretty simple! If you’re not sure whether you can claim or not, just call us on 01663761 890,  or fill in our online form. We’ll be able to give you some expert advice straightaway – you won’t have to pay a penny, and we won’t pressure you into pursuing your claim if you’re not sure you want to. We’re here to help you – so get in touch today!

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