Salmonella Claim & Shellfish Claim

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Salmonella can knock you out of action for some time, causing severe problems both at work and in your personal life. If you’ve suffered from this particularly unpleasant form of food poisoning, get in touch – we may be able to help you make a claim against the business that sold you the food.

Salmonella symptoms?

Food poisoning comes in many different forms and symptoms may vary from person to person. The time spans between consumption of the poisoned food and symptoms occurring may vary from a short period to several days and the effects may vary in severity.

Nausea, diarrhoea, tiredness are common while in more serious cases rather than days; weeks or even months may be needed to achieve full recovery.

Salmonella or Shellfish Poisoning Treatment?

Again this varies from one case to the next depending upon the type of bacteria involved in the poison. Generally speaking rest and antibiotics will be sufficient but for more serious cases intensive medical treatment, including hospitalisation will be required.

What Hurdles are There to Claim for Salmonella or Shellfish Poisoning and What Steps to Take?

  • It is in the first instance to be able to prove the connection between your Salmonella symptoms and the food consumed.
  • It’s also necessary to prove that the supplier of the contaminated food was negligent.
  • It is necessary for you to visit your GP or Hospital to confirm you have food poisoning and the type concerned, e.g. Salmonella. (You may well be able to narrow down the source of the contamination by reference to  a meal eaten in a particular restaurant or food bought from a particular shop.)
  • You should notify your local Environment Health Office if food poisoning is confirmed – very often in food poisoning, samonella claims and shellfish claims, a number of people will have contracted the same type of food poisoning and this evidence will certainly help to strengthen your prospects of success.

What Salmonella Compensation is Payable if the Salmonella Claim or Shellfish Claim Wins?

If proved the claimant is entitled to receive Salmonella compensation for personal injury and loss of wages if absence of work results as well as any incidental expenses such as travel, prescriptions and medication.

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