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If you are living in a Council House or in a privately rented house or flat it is likely that you are a tenant. If you are a tenant your Landlord has a duty of care towards you. If you suffer an injury you may be able to make a claim against the landlord also known as a tenant injury claim.

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You Can Claim Against Landlord if They Have Failed to Carry Out Repairs?

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 states that there is an obligation on the Landlord to keep the structure and exterior of a house or flat in good repair.  This covers things like:

  1. Remedying a defective damp proof course
  2. Repairing brickwork
  3. Eliminating dry rot and replacing the affected joists
  4. Renewing crumbling plaster
  5. Rewiring
  6. Replacing a broken window
  7. Renewing burst or defective water pipes

You may be able to make a landlord claim if your landlord has failed to repair the Property.  To make a tenant accident claim you need to contact a tenant accident Solicitor.

Tripping and Slipping hazards and General Accidents

Each year a huge number of people are injured at home due to the negligence of their landlords. Slipping on loose carpet, loose kitchen tiles, crumbling garden paths, potholed driveways to name a few.  If you are injured at home because of your landlord’s negligence or laziness you may be entitled to make a tenant accident claim in which case it’s very important that you instruct a tenant accident Solicitor.

What We Can Do To Help You Claim Against Landlord

We are tenant accident Solicitors who specialise in tenant injury claims, claiming compensation for tenants who have been injured at home and wish to make a landlord claim. We will run your claim against the landlord and make sure you make a recovery as quickly as possible and receive the maximum amount of tenant accident claim compensation.