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Wall with Damp

Damp and Mould In Council Property

Are you living in a Council or Housing Association rented property? Do you have Damp and Mould in the property? If you are are suffering from ill health arising out of damp you could be entitled claim compensation.

Wall with Damp


How can you tell if there is Damp and Mould in Council Property

Damp and Mould in Council Property will occur in rooms which are warm, moist and highly humid.

The most likely options are the kitchen and bathrooms although you increase the risks if for example you dry your wet clothes in doors or do not open windows very often.

If damp builds up and you report it to your landlord but he fails to rectify the problem you may be able to make a claim for damp.  If the damp builds up to a certain level it could become toxic.


Are you suffering because of Damp?

If you have damp at your rented property you may be able to make a claim for damp or mould compensation.  Typical symptoms include:

  • Fungal infections
  • Sickness
  • Vomiting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Sinusitis
  • Infections

If you have any of these symptoms for any period of time it is important that you speak to a medical expert as soon as possible.


How can we help you with your claim for Damp?

You may be able to make a claim for damp if your landlord has failed to fix a damp and mould problem.

To make a compensation claim for damp you need to contact a damp claim lawyer.

We are damp claim compensation Solicitors who specialise in damp claims, claiming compensation for tenants who have suffered problems due to damp and wish to make a landlord claim for damp.

We will run your claim and make sure you make a recovery as quickly as possible and receive the maximum amount of damp claim compensation.


********IMPORTANT********* What to do before you Contact us?

We specialise in acting for client’s who are either Council or Housing Association Tenants. (If you have a tenancy with a Private Landlord then we are afraid we are unable to act for you.)

  • Are you still living in the property? Yes?
  • Was your first complaint to your Landlord at least 3 months ago and have you a written copy of the complaint?  Yes?
  • Have you photographs of the mould and any disrepair? Yes?
  • If you have been sufffering with ill health as a consequence of the damp living conditions have you sought medical advice? Yes?
  • If so have you obtained a letter from your doctor linking the ill health with the damp environment? Yes?
  • Have you complained to the Environmental Health Department and have they visited your property and confirmed that your Landlord is responsible for the damp? Yes?

We look forward to helping you with your claim 🙂

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