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Psychological Effects of Needle Stick Injuries?

If you have suffered a Needle Stick Injury then you will be naturally and understandably fearful for your welfare. As a matter of course your doctor or local hospital will carry out a number of tests to hopefully confirm that the Needle Stick Injury has not led to a physical transmission of a virus or disease.

In some cases victims are reassured by the results but in other cases even after being advised that there should be no harmful consequences of the injury the victim can remain in a state of shock, anxiety and fear.

In all cases it is so important for the victim to seek, and at an early stage, the right psychological help and support to combat the psychological effects of the accident and the ever present risk of a deteriorating mental state. But what are the possible Psychological Effects of Needle Stick Injuries?

Psychological Effects of Needle Stick Injuries?

Research has clearly demonstrated that there can be serious psychological effects following on from of a Needle stick injury and can result in:

      • Recognised Psychological Illnesses such as depression, anxiety and possibly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
      • It stands to reason that all the victims relationships be put under extreme pressure and can spiral into decline and this is particularly the case with the victim’s spouse or partner who may have their own concerns about the possibility of catching harm.
      • Victims will also often complain of insomnia and a loss of appetite and a general lethargy.

There are cases which are reported in the media all the time underlining the real psychological harm that Needle Stick Injuries can have upon the victim. One such case has been reported in the national press which involved a poor lady who suffered a Needle Stick Injury whilst working as a nurse and then developed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The details are here and underline how utterly devastating the psychological effects of a Needle Stick Injury can be.

What Psychological Help Is Available?

  • Help and support should be readily available from your GP and local hospital who should ensure that all appropriate tests are carried out straight away so that if there is evidence to suggest you have contracted some sort of infection then you can immediately receive the necessary treatment.
  • In conjunction with the carrying out of initial tests there should be an emphasis on addressing the psychological effects of the accident so that any fears and concerns are discussed with you and your health advisors and so, as required, you can receive any additional care you need.
  • Right from the start your solicitor should take the trouble to find out about the effects of the Needle Stick Injury upon you so that they are in a position to become actively involved in helping to obtain the appropriate care and support which is required. If you know where to look and perhaps more importantly how to ask, there can be a surprising amount of care which is readily available.
  • It is not at all unusual for our clients to need professional help to come to terms with the psychological effects of their injury and this is where the NHS can provide, for example, cognitive therapy to address the clients symptoms. Following the course of treatment clients will very often feel much better about things and are able to turn the corner by adopting the techniques they have learnt during their formal counselling sessions.  In some cases extra sessions may be required but overall with the right treatment given as soon as possible following the needle stick injury the prognosis will be an optimistic one.

How to Find the Right Solicitor for Your Needle Stick Injury Claim?

Not only is it very important that you receive the right sort of Help to combat the psychological effects of your Needle Stick Injury we hope you also agree that you need to instruct the right solicitor who knows all about Needle Stick Injuries and how best to present your claim and protect your best interests.

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