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Your Needle Stick Injury Claim – 5 Questions To Make Your Solicitor Squirm!!

1. Is Your Solicitor Experienced in Handling Needle Stick Injury Claims?

There are many solicitors who practice in a multitude of different areas of personal injury law but what you need to establish is whether the solicitor you are thinking of instructing has the right experience in this field and has actually dealt with a Needle Stick Injury Claim.  How long has the solicitor been dealing with Needle Stick Injury claims? Are there any Needle Stick Injury Claim case studies on their website which demonstrate this? How much information does the solicitor display on their website dealing with Needle Stick Injuries? The more information there is, the more confident you can be that the solicitor is able to handle your Needle Stick Injury Claim with the necessary expertise. Are there any testimonials complimenting your solicitor on the way they dealt with a client’s Needle Stick Injury Claim?

2.  Is Your Solicitor Friendly? …. We Mean Genuinely Friendly and Easy to Deal With?

Needle Stick Injury Claim

There may well be a number of solicitors who have the expertise that you need to deal with your Needle Stick Injury Claim but what good is this if you cannot communicate with them properly and have doubts about them having your best interests at heart? It’s so important, especially in the sensitive context of bringing a Needle Stick Injury Claim, that you feel comfortable with your solicitor and  feel able to talk with them openly and without any difficulty. Again it’s a sensible suggestion to have a look at the solicitor’s website for testimonials from genuine clients who were genuinely impressed with the service provided.

3. Go On Tell Me – What Are My Chances of Success with a Needle Stick Injury Claim?

Don’t be frightened of asking your solicitor about the prospects of success right at the start of your Needle Stick Injury Claim. After all a good and experienced solicitor who is accustomed to dealing with a client’s Needle Stick Injury Claim shouldn’t have any problem at all with taking on board your particular circumstances and offering an opinion based on your version of events. By asking this question you will probably be able to tell the extent of the solicitors experience in handling Needle Stick Injury Claims and you will hopefully feel confident and reassured that your claim is safe in their hands?

4.  What Cost Guarantees Can Your Solicitor Offer You?

We know from our considerable experience that Clients’ are very often worried about being landed with expensive legal fees. You need to ask the direct question: “What will You Charge Me for running my Needle Stick Injury Claim?” (100% of our Needle Stick Injury Claims are made on a “No Win No Fee Agreement” which means that you do not have to worry about any financial risk at all. You can therefore be safe in the knowledge that the Guarantee we offer will mean you have nothing to lose in the event for any reason your Needle Stick Injury Claim is not successful.)

5.  Who Will Actually Be Dealing with Your Needle Stick Injury Claim?

This might sound a bit of a daft question but because of the way the industry is organised it’s a terribly important question to ask.

  • For instance it may be that you are initially talking with a Claims Management company whose role it is to attract prospective clients through whatever means. These companies won’t in fact actually deal with your claim at all but rather pass your claim to a firm of solicitors who will then allocate your case to one of their solicitors. If this is the situation then you will have no idea who is going to deal with your Needle Stick Injury claim and whether they have the right experience at all!
  • Similarly, if you have contacted a larger firm of solicitors you may speak with a more senior solicitor to begin with who will pass your claim to a junior one to handle. Either way you will not be talking to the solicitor who will be dealing with your claim so how can you possibly make any informed assessment?

We are a niche firm with lots and lots of experience. We have pleasure in Guaranteeing that your Needle Stick Injury Claim will be dealt with (from beginning to end) by a qualified and very experienced solicitor.

Give yourself the very best chance of success – it’s simple, risk free and easy… if you don’t ask, you’ll never know…