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Quad biking is known for being a fast and adrenaline-fuelled activity with images of people hurtling through woodland along forest trails or mud paths. Quad bikes are more known as four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Unfortunately, quad bikes can also be very dangerous simply because they roll over so easily and are very hard to control.  The majority of quad bikes cannot be used on UK roads as they do not meet UK road safety requirements.

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They handle completely differently to a car or motorbike and with no roll cage, if the quad bike does roll over it is likely to land on you.  Riding along a winding, uneven forest path at 30-40mph with no experience; it doesn’t come as any surprise why so many people fall off.

Generally, people have quad bike accidents when they have gone away for the weekend and decide to go quad biking as an activity.  The training is normally very basic and riders are goaded by friends and family to race each other along often very bumpy, muddy and winding tracks.

Celebrity Quad Bike Accidents

Ozzy Osbourne – in a coma for 8 days, broke 8 ribs and punctured in 2003 after rolling his quad bike.  He said. “I’ll never go near one of those damn bikes again, the thing nearly killed me. I am lucky to be here today and not paralysed.”

Rik Mayall – in 1998 he was seriously injured after crashing a quad bike in bad weather and was airlifted to hospital.

Rollover Prevention

Quad Bikes are supposed to have certification showing that the quad bike has a device that prevents rollovers as this critical safety feature is designed to prevent serious quad bike injuries.  Did you check for this before your accident?

Quad Bike Statistics

Quad bikes weigh anything up to 500kg (half a ton) and can go at speeds of up to 75mph.  If it rolls over going at any speed whatsoever the injuries could easily be fatal.

Causes of Quad Bike Accidents 

  • No helmet
  • Overturning
  • Uneven paths
  • Lack of experience
  • Lack of tuition
  • No roll cage
  • Lack of a rollover prevention system
  • Speed
  • Friends encouraging racing
  • No protective clothing
  • A passenger destabilising the quad
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Bald tyres
  • Uneven tyre pressure
  • Young drivers 

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Quad Bike Facts

Quad bikes ridden on UK roads must:

  • Be registered with the DVLA
  • Have front and rear number plates
  • Have a valid MOT
  • Only carry passengers if designed to do so
  • Be insured

Quad bikes ridden off-road:

  • You don’t need a driving licence
  • You don’t have to tax your quad bike
  • You don’t have to register your quad bike

Further Information

Visit the Health & Safety Executive’s website for more information about Quad Bikes.

The use of Quad Bikes is classed as dangerous so their use in the UK is heavily regulated.  To find out more go to the International Vehicles and Standards Section Department for Transport website.

100% of our Quad Bike Accident Claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis.

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