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Coach and Bus Accidents

Statistics show that there are fewer casualties involved in bus or coach accidents when compared to travelling by car. However if you happen to be injured in a bus or coach accident then it is important that you follow the right procedure in terms of formally reporting the accident and where ever possible obtain the details of any fellow passengers who are in a position to confirm the accident circumstances.

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Follow the Right Path

If you wish to make a bus accident compensation claim or a coach accident claim then the sooner you contact a solicitor who specialises in this type of claim the better.

How have you been Injured?

For many years we have been helping people bring bus accident claims and injuries can be sustained in a range of different situations but very often they will involve:

  • the bus or coach driver braking too suddenly and fiercely as a result of not paying proper attention to the road ahead;
  • the client being trapped in the doors which are automatically operated by the driver;
  • the client being thrown from their seat as a consequence of the driver failing to drive safely or too fast;
  • the client falling when getting on or off the bus.

Often the bus company will seek to defend the coach or bus accident claim by releasing CCTV footage – sometimes this can be conclusive but on occasions the footage will not really assist the parties when assessing liability. Either way we will be able to gather together all the necessary evidence with a view to seeing whether the bus driver, or indeed another motorist can be reasonably held responsible for your injuries.

Seek Help

What is for sure is that, how ever you have been injured,we will be able to answer all your questions and if we believe your bus accident claim or coach accident claim has prospects of succeeding we will be delighted  to help you claim bus accident compensation.

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