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Why are Motorbikes not seen by Motorists?

A significant number of motorbike accidents occur where car drivers fail to spot them riding along the road.   As motorbike accident Solicitors we know that car drivers unfortunately fail to notice motorbikes on the road as they are used to mainly seeing cars.  Even if you’ve got your light on your motorbike during the day car drivers seem to look straight through you.  A lot of motorbike accident claims occur when a car pulls out from a side road without noticing the rider.


As motorbike accident Solicitors, we know that the vast majority of car drivers don’t appreciate that filtering is an everyday part of riding a motorbike.  Motorists should be checking their wing mirrors and blind spots before they carry out any manoeuvre or turn to see what is over their shoulder.  Sadly, this does not happen nearly enough which results in a motorbike accident and a motorbike accident claim.


Being motorbike accident Solicitors specialising in motorbike accident claims we have seen all too often the serious injuries which can result from motorbike accidents.  It is not so much the falling off which causes the injuries but the huge list of things which a rider can hit once they have fallen off.  Trees, lamp posts, barriers, kerbs, walls, fences, the list goes on and on… unfortunately all these factors can add to the injuries sustained and make your motorbike accident claim worth a substantial amount of compensation.

What We Can Do For You

As experienced motorbike accident Solicitors we have a wealth of experience dealing with motorbike accident claims and the most serious injury claims.  We deal with the most specialised medical experts to ensure that you receive the right treatment after a motorbike accident, make as speedy a recovery as possible and receive the maximum amount of motorbike accident compensation.

Motorbike Accident Claims

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