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Thousands of sportsmen and sportswomen suffer sports injury every year by foul play, inadequate instruction, unexpected violence or unsafe playing facilities.  Sports facilities, leagues and teams usually have insurance to cover any risk that you may be exposed to which will pay you sports injury compensation.  To make a sports injury claim it is essential that you use a sports injury Solicitor who can guide you through the process so it is hassle free.

What types of Sports Injuries Claims are covered?

  • If someone injures you as a result of deliberate or reckless foul play then you will be able to make a sports injury claim.
  • If you are taking formal instruction from a trainer and you are exposed to unnecessary risk that results in a sports injury then you may be able to claim for sports injury compensation due to inadequate supervision.
  • If you have been physically injured by a violent assault then in addition to being able to claim from The Criminal Injury Compensation Authority you can also make a sports injury claim for sports injury compensation.
  • If playing surfaces are not properly cared for then the occupier of the sports ground will be held liable to pay sports injury compensation for any sports injuries resulting from a lack of proper maintenance.

Sports Injury Violence

This has been defined as behaviour which causes harm, occurs outside of the rules of the sport, and is unrelated to the competitive objectives of the sport.  Violence is most prevalent in team contact sports including hockey, football, and rugby however it also occurs in other sports which usually involve considerably less contact.  If a sports injury is caused to another player as a result of a contravention of that particular sport’s rules then a claim for sports injury compensation can be made.

How Long have I got to Claim for Sports Injury?

If the sports injury occurred in England or Wales you have 3 years from the date of the sports injury to make a sports injury claim for compensation.

What We Can Do For You To Help You Claim for Sports Injury Compensation

We are experienced sports injury Solicitors and specialise in dealing with sports injury claims.   We will run your claim against the responsible party to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of sports injury compensation.