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If someone injures you as a result of deliberate or reckless foul play then you will be able to make a sports injury claim. Physical sports such as football, rugby and hockey can involve aggression and sometimes fellow players overstep the mark which can result in injury.

There are generally accepted to be two forms of aggression in sports:

  1. Instrumental aggression is non-emotional and relates to the way in which the game is played and involves such items as deliberate or professional fouls where the intention is to win the game at any cost, contrary to the rules of the particular sport, even if other players are injured.
  2. Reactive aggression has an underlying emotional component, with harm as its goal, where one player wants to get even or loses his temper and lashes out at another player.

If you have been injured whilst playing sport you could make a football injury claim, rugby injury claim or any other type of sports injury claim.  You should instruct a sports injury Solicitor to help you secure sports injury compensation.

Martial Arts Injury

Have you been injured whilst taking part in martial arts?  You could have been sparring someone who was:

  • Heavier
  • Older
  • More Experienced
  • Over Aggressive
  • Violent

The IMTF Rules state that it must be made sure that unnecessary harm or injury is not caused to training partners or opponents.  If you feel these Rules have been broken you could make a martial arts injury claim using a sports injury Solicitor.

Golf Injury

Have you been injured whilst playing golf?  You could have been hit by a golf ball and suffered a golf injury because a different golfer:

  • Teed off without waiting for you to clear
  • Shanked or hooked an iron shot
  • Hit a tree and the ball ricocheted towards you
  • Was wayward whilst hitting balls on a practice ground or driving range
  • Hit a stone whilst connecting with the ball which hit you

The Rules of Golf state that:

“Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, the player should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones, pebbles, twigs or the like which may be moved by the stroke or swing.”

If you feel the Rules of Golf have been broken and you suffered a golf injury after being hit by a golf ball, you could make a golf injury claim using a golf injury Solicitor.  Most golfers and all Golf Clubs and Golf Driving Ranges hold insurance which will pay golf injury compensation to people who have been injured by a golf ball and wish to make a golf injury claim.

How long have I got to claim for football injury, rugby injury or golf injury?

If the football injury, rugby injury, martial arts or golf injury occurred in England or Wales you have 3 years from the date of the sports injury to make a sports injury claim.

We help with your football injury claim, rugby injury claim, golf injury claim

We are experienced sports injury Solicitors and specialise in dealing with sports injury claims.   We will run your football injury claims, rugby injury claims, or golf injury claim against the responsible party to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of sports injury compensation.