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We understand by their very nature that a medical negligence claim can be upsetting and distressing and we would like to reassure you that we will always treat you with the appropriate sensitivity and care. We know that very often you will already have been through an ordeal and the very last thing you need is an unsympathetic ear or response when dealing with your medical negligence claim!

It is fair to say that a medical negligence claim can be complicated and difficult to pursue as there are a number of hurdles that must be overcome to bring a successful medical negligence claim. Naturally whatever your circumstances we are committed, first of all, to helping you find out whether your medical negligence claim is one that is likely to succeed. When you call us the initial enquiry will be free of charge and if we believe your medical negligence claim is worth pursuing to the next stage we are able to offer a genuine no win no fee medical negligence service.  We guarantee that if you lose your medical negligence claim you pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING so you have nothing to lose by making a medical negligence claim.

What makes a successful Medical Negligence claim?

  • In the first instance it is necessary to show that the treatment you received fell below an acceptable and reasonable standard. This will be a question of fact and in this context clearly your medical records are of critical importance. If this first hurdle can be overcome it is then a question of demonstrating that the treatment involved was actually responsible for the symptoms you have suffered. (It may be that even if it is possible to prove there was actual negligent treatment, the Defendant is still able to raise the argument that even in the absence of the treatment the patient would have suffered the same illness or complaint.)
  • In follows that in order to be in a position to comment about the prospects of your potential medical negligence claim succeeding it is necessary for us to first of all obtain all your medical records. This should enable us to identify in some detail the nature of the treatment given and the exact sequence of events. Once we have the medical records and have carefully reviewed them we will then often have a good idea as to whether the medical negligence claims has the potential to succeed. However in order to confirm this we will need to instruct a suitably qualified independent medical expert who practices in the same field as the Defendant heath professional. This expert will be requested to comment in relation to both the question of medical negligence and causation.
  • If the independent expert opinion is supportive then hopefully the Defendant’s legal representatives will accept responsibility for the treatment and make an offer in settlement of the medical negligence claim. If they do not then the next step would be to issue legal proceedings with a view to the Court finding in your favour.

We understand that bringing a medical negligence claim can be a daunting and worrying experience but we hope that you will contact us to chat things through with our medical negligence solicitors in Manchester so we can allay any fears and help you decide the best way to proceed from here.