TVT Mesh Claim

The number of patients who are choosing to make a TVT Mesh Claim is on the increase partly due to the number of successful claims which have already been made in America.

In 2012, Christine Scott was awarded .5 million in compensation for her TVT Mesh claim against vaginal mesh manufacturer, C.R. Bard.  In 2013, Linda Gross was awarded m for her TVT Mesh Claim after manufacturers, Johnson and Johnson, failed to warn her of the side effects which meant she required another 18 operations.  These compensation payouts for TVT Mesh Claims have opened the door for all other affected people to make a TVT Mesh Claim. 

What is TVT used for?

Vaginal mesh reinforces the internal organs and is used to treat hernias, prolapsed pelvic organs or stress urinary incontinence.

What are the problems with TVT mesh? 

It is estimated that 30%-50% of TVT mesh implants suffered shrinkage within 4 weeks and 1/3 of implants removed had infection.

Dr Tom Margolis, one of America’s top TVT Mesh specialists, said:

“I’ve removed more than 150 mesh implants from women whose lives have been seriously affected by these procedures. There is no doubt in my mind mesh procedures have serious complications. I’ve seen obstructions of the bowel and urethra, really nasty infections and major damage to tissue in the vagina, bowel and bladder. Because the procedures are carried out through the vagina, which cannot be a sterile environment, surgeons are immediately going against everything they’ve been trained to do.”

Which medical devices can cause problems?

  • Trans-vaginal Tape
  • Trans-vaginal Tension Free Tape
  • Trans-obturator Tape 

What are the Symptoms?

  • Pain
  • Mesh erosion and protrusion through vaginal wall
  • Infection, scarring or excessive bleeding
  • Pain and damage during intercourse
  • Need for further revision surgery

 Who Do You Make a TVT Mesh Claim against? 

  • The Manufacturer
  • The Hospital where you had the surgery
  • The Surgeon who operated on you

 What have they done wrong?

There are a variety of reasons why you may be able to make a TVT Mesh claim including:

  • Faulty products
  • Failing to meet safety standards
  • Failing to warn about risks
  • Failing to warn about side effects 

What Research is needed?

According to the TVT Messed Up Mesh group, research indicates a full investigation on the following items is required and contact has already been made with the UK Government at Downing Street: 

  • Reclassification on medical devices
  • The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • Under-reporting from the surgeons and patients for years possibly since the 1950’s
  • A Public Health Notice to be issued urgently similar to the FDA
  • A National TVT/Mesh Register
  • The Manufacturers
  • The CE directive re-evaluation
  • Dedicated multi-disciplinary teams around the UK
  • Peer articles
  • Informed consent and choice of alternative treatments plus Medical Device information
  • Patient Health, Safety, Financial ruin and Quality of Life
  • Research and current investigations 

What We Can Do For Your TVT Mesh Claim

We are TVT Mesh claim Solicitors and specialise in dealing with TVT Mesh Claims and will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of TVT Mesh Claim compensation you are entitled to and that the process runs smoothly and quickly.

What to do now about your TVT Mesh Claim

If you have had surgery for pelvic organ prolapse or other pelvic surgery which required the use of surgical mesh you should contact us immediately as you may have a TVT Mesh Claim.  If you’re keen to find out more about making a vaginal mesh claim, just do one of the following:

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