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Claim for Money & Debt Recovery

Owed money and need to make a claim for money? Cant get paid the money you’re owed? Get in touch for debt recovery assistance

 Do you need to make a claim for money because someone has refused to pay you what you are owed?  Do you need help making a debt recovery?

  • Are you owed money?
  • Have you done work for someone and now they’re refusing to pay?
  • Has someone being paying you monthly installments but has now stopped?
  • Have you got a CCJ for a debt?

What We Can Do For You

We are claim for money debt recovery Solicitors and specialise in dealing with debt recovery claims and making a claim for money.  We know how frustrating it is when someone legitimately owes you money but won’t pay.  You call them, write to them, threaten them with going to Court but still get nowhere and you are left wondering how you can make a formal claim for money.  Making a claim for money through the Courts might sound easy but it can be a lot of hassle.

You may find that a Solicitor’s letter sends the right signal and they pay you what you are owed without having to get the Courts involved.  If not we will run your claim for money and debt recovery claim against the Company or person who owes you money and issue Court Proceedings for you.  Depending on the amount of the debt and the type of Defendant, we will tailor our advice to you for your claim for money as to whether we need to:

  • Issue a Statutory Demand
  • Seek a Winding Up Order
  • File for Bankruptcy
  • Issue Court Proceedings 


We operate a genuine No Win No Fee so if your case went all the way to Court and you lost you would not be responsible for ANY of our legal costs.  We will tell you up front what the Court Fees would be for a claim for money so you can decide whether you want to go ahead or not.

Meeting Us

We are able to give you immediate legal representation no matter where you are in England, Scotland or Wales.  We also provide urgent:

  1. Home visits
  2. Face to face meeting at one of our private meeting rooms  based in all UK cities

We can help with your claim for money

David Healey at Carter & Carter Solicitors is very experienced in handling a claim for money as well as debt recovery claims and a variety of other compensation claims such as serious injury claims, fatalities, catastrophic injuries and amputations to name just a few.

Get in touch now about your claim for money

If you think that you have a claim for money, would like to have a chat about a potential claim for money or require further information, contact David Healey.

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