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Not a lot of people will be familiar with the term “Risk Profiling” but it is a term associated with Mis Sold Investments.  When you go to a Financial Advisor to ask for help investing your savings, the Financial Advisor should go through your demands and needs, or put another way, why you are investing and what you want in return and if they do not you can easily be the victim of Mis Sold Investments.  The Financial Advisor will check various things such as:

  • How much you want to invest
  • What level of risk you want to take
  • What type of things you want to invest it
  • Whether you want an income
  • Whether you want a capital return

When you have decided that you want to go ahead, the Financial Advisor will complete a Form detailing all the information taken.  This form, sometimes known as a Demands & Needs Statement will have a section relating specifically to risk.  This section is critical as if the wrong risk profile is chosen you could have Mis Sold Investments.

Risk Profiling and Mis Sold Investments

When you invest money, if you invest in something very risky like a company in an emerging market in the Middle East there is a much higher risk of you losing all your money but, if the investment is successful, you will receive a much higher return on your money.  If your Financial Advisor invests in a riskier option than you wanted then you can have a number if Mis Sold Investments.

If you only wanted to invest in something low risk such as shares in a very long standing British company or government bonds the chances of losing your money are much lower but consequently the potential returns on your investment are lower.

It is your money so you choose the level of risk you are prepared to take.  If you choose a level of risk but your Financial Advisor does not follow your wishes, you could be dealing with mis sold investments.

The problem with Mis Sold Investments?

It is well known that Financial Advisors receive commission payments on investments they make on behalf of customers.  In addition to that, they may also receive a percentage from any gains which you make.  It is therefore in the interests of the Financial Advisor to consider investing in things which are much riskier even if you do not want to do that, especially bearing in mind the Financial Advisor has not invested and therefore cannot lose any money.

Just because you told your Financial Advisor that you wanted low risk does not mean that your money was invested that way and you too could be a victim of Mis Sold Investments!

What We Can Do For You and Your Mis Sold Investments

Has the value of your investment portfolio fallen?

Have you lost your savings?

Has your Financial Advisor mis-sold investments to you?

We are experienced bad investment Solicitors and specialise in dealing with bad investment advice and claiming bad investment compensation.   We will run your claim against the responsible professional to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of bad investment compensation.

100% of our Mis Sold Investments clients are funded by a No Win No Fee Agreement meaning you are at no financial risk at all.

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