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Can You Claim Pylon Compensation?

If your land has a pylon on it or is crossed by pylon lines then it’s certainly worth exploring whether you are entitled to pylon compensation.

There’s every likelihood that the presence of the power lines will reduce the the value of your property and the compensation is to redress this balance.


Ask us to tell you if you have a valid claim:


If you contact us we will be able to let you know whether we consider your claim is likely to succeed.

Once we have positively assessed matters we can look to help you progress matters with a view to getting you the very best compensation.

Compensation will not be an option if there is already a permanent legal right for the pylon and or power lines to be cited on your land.

In practice this is rarely the case and can easily be checked at the Land Registry.

Naturally, if a former owner has already submitted a claim for compensation then there can be no further claims.

However, whatever your situation and especially if you have any doubt, there is no substitute for getting in touch with us.

We will be more than happy to discuss your particular circumstances and help you determine whether it would be in your best interests to submit a claim for compensation.


Is Your Property Eligible for Pylon Compensation?

The ability to claim compensation can apply to rural as well as urban properties and commercial properties as well as land ear marked for development.

The legislation is therefore far reaching and there are undoubtedly scores of properties which are eligible to claim pylon compensation.


What can be disregarded for the purposes of Claiming Compensation?

If you are interested in claiming compensation it’s worth noting that there are various issues that won’t necessarily stop you from claiming:

  • If you purchased your property after the power line was installed;
  • If you personally bought your property for a discounted price;
  • If the building of your property came after the power line was placed on the land;
  • You have no desire to move from your property in the near future or at all;
  • If the power line has been on the land for years and years.


How Does the Compensation Process Work?

Once you ask us to help  we will submit an initial claim to the relevant body on your behalf .

Upon receipt of your claim the compensator will do their own checks with the Land Registry to ensure that there is no permanent right (easement) giving them access already.

A surveyor will then be instructed to visit your property to confirm the existence and effect of the electricity equipment.

The surveyor will want to carry out a full inspection of the property to include internal photographs and measurements so it follows someone will need to be at the property on the agreed date to allow access.

It could be a while before the survey is arranged but we will do all we can to move matters along for you.

Following the inspection we will receive notification that they are in a position to begin negotiations and an initial offer will be made.

At that point we will negotiate on your behalf until we are satisfied that the compensation figure is appropriate and represents a good settlement in your favour bearing in mind all your particular circumstances.

If and once you agree to the final compensation figure, the process begins to grant the electricity company a right for the retention of the electrical equipment.

This process involves granting the electricity company the permanent right to maintain their electrical equipment situated on or over your property.


How much will it Cost?  –  No Win No Fee All the Way!

We  work on a genuine NO WIN NO FEE basis.

There are no upfront payments for you to make and no expenses and if for any reason your claim is not successful then there is no question of any payment having to be made.

There is also no charge for our initial assessment irrespective of  whether we consider you have a claim with merit or not.

All in all you can sit back and relax without any financial worries and leave us to do the work!