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Back Injuries – Claims Calculator


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To give you a rough idea about how much compensation you might recieve for your injuries, we’ve set out some information below which we hope you will find helpful.


Back Injuries

Severe Injuries: £65,000 to £115,000

Damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots, severe pain and disability with a combination of incomplete paralysis and significantly impaired bladder, bowel and sexual function.


Moderate Injuries: £19,850 to £27,700

Compression/crush fracture of the lumbar vertebrae where there is a substantial risk of osteoarthritis  and constant pain and discomfort; a prolapsed intervertebral disk requiring surgery or damage to an intervertebral disk with nerve root irritation and reduced mobility.


Minor Injuries: £1,500 to £5,600

Where a full recovery takes place without surgery withing a period of several months and two years.


* Figures from the Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personnel Injury Cases which are used by Solicitors and Courts.*



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