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Eye Injury Compensation Claims – Can You Make a Claim?

Eye Injury Compensation Claims are surprisingly common and of course extremely distressing.

These injuries can take a long time to heal and in the very worst case scenarios can be permanent, devastating and life changing.

Accident and emergency departments across the nation are regularly dealing with eye trauma.

If you’ve been:

  • injured in the last 3 years (longer if children are involved)


  • somebody else caused or was at fault for your injury

then you are likely to be able to bring a claim.

  • We would be delighted to chat things over with you if you are uncertain about whether you have a claim.
  • Our solicitors have 25 years experience exclusively dealing with personal injury matters.
  • We will be able to help you.

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Common Types of Eye Injury Compensation Claims?

There are lots of ways in which individuals can sustain injury to their eyes including:

Trauma – a knock or bank to the eye can cause damage to the eye which can be serious depending upon the severity of the impact.

Fractures – trauma to the eye socket can result in fractures.

Lacerations and Cuts – if the injury is a corneal laceration then it is usually caused by a sharp object entering the eye at speed.

Chemical Burns –  occur when a liquid or powder chemical makes contact with the eye. Immediately flushing out the eye with water often reduces the risk of eye injury or permanent damage.

Radiation Burns – this type of injury can arise following exposure to ultraviolet light whilst on sun tan beds.

Bright Lights – exposure to bright lights can cause temporary or long lasting damage to the eyes. Industrial workers such as welders and electricians are often confronted by bright lights. Without the right safety equipment their eyesight will be at risk.

How ever you have suffered your injury we will make sure that you are seen by the right independent medical expert.

The expert will prepare a detailed report for the court commenting in relation to the nature and extent of the damage and providing a prognosis for the future.

The tragic consequences of injuries to the eyes can result in a variety of conditions including:

  1. Vision loss or deterioration
  2. Blindness
  3. Corneal trauma
  4. Loss of an eye
  5. Retinal detachment
  6. Orbital Fractures

Read here for some key information and statistics on sight loss in the UK


How much  Compensation can I expect for my Eye Injury?

The severity of the eye injury will dictate the compensation you can expect.

The award for damages varies hugely from £1,930 to £235,630 based on the current edition of the Judicial College Guidelines.

As you would expect the lower bracket is for minor injuries and the upper bracket for the most serious of injuries resulting in complete blindness.

These numbers simply represent damages for pain and suffering. The Claimant is also entitled to “special damages” as well which covers quantifiable financial losses (past and future) which flow from the accident.

If you would like us to run through how the Courts are likely to approach the quantification of your claim then we’d be delighted to hear from you.


No Win No Fee – Eye Injury Compensation Claims

  • We are pleased to be able to offer you a genuine No Win No Fee Service.
  • You won’t have to worry about incurring expensive legal fees.
  • We guarantee there will be no hidden fees – relax safe in the knowledge that you’ll have no nasty surprises!
  • Of course, you can rest assured we will look after you all the way and will recover the best compensation available.
  • You can rely on our expertise so you can win your claim and come away with a great result.


Eye Injury Compensation for Accidents at Work

Employers are under a legal duty to provide a safe system of work.

Despite this thousands upon thousands are injured every year.

Some employers fail to adhere to the current health and safety standards.

  • If you have suffered an eye injury at work then you should seek advice from a specialist personal injury lawyer.
  • Contact us to find out whether you can claim eye injury compensation from your employer: Read more about Accidents at Work


Eye Injuries in Road Traffic Accident Claims

Road accidents can result in a whole range of injuries and these may include injuries to the eyes.

In any collision there is a danger of glass and other sharp objects being flown into the air.

It’s easy to see how your eyes can sometimes be injured upon impact.

The fact remains that the eyes are a vulnerable part of the body. Unfortunately it doesn’t take much to injure the delicate tissues in and around the eye.

Injuries to the eyes can occur in all forms of transport such as cars, taxis, motor-bikes, buses and bicycles, in fact in any type of transport.

If you’d like to find out more about claiming eye injury compensation arising out of a road accident then: Read more about Road Accident Claims.


Eye Injury Accidents in Public Places

There are all sorts of public places where it is possible to sustain an eye injury.

For example it is quite common in slipping and tripping accidents for the client to fall and land on their face.

Falls can happen anywhere and in some cases it won’t be anyone’s fault.

However, there are always situations where the owner or landlord of an area is to blame.

For instance there might be a wet floor without any warning signs or a defect that is so serious that it imparts legal liability.

  • If you believe that your accident has been caused by someone else’s fault then contact a specialist personal injury solicitor.
  • It’s well worth discussing the circumstances of the claim especially if you are not sure.
  • If you’d like to find out more about claiming eye injury compensation arising out of accidents in a public place then: Read more about accidents in public places.



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