Health Worker contracts Ebola after Needle Stick Injury

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Health Worker contracts Ebola after Needle Stick Injury

Ebola Needle Stick Injury – a Race Against Time

Another British health worker has contracted Ebola following contamination from a needle.

This is one of the most dangerous ways to be infected by the disease because the needle prick will serve to get any infection directly into the blood stream.

No time can be lost and it is testament to the team of treating doctors that this health worker has been given the opportunity to fight this very nasty disease without succumbing to it straight away.

The worker concerned has been flown back to the UK for urgent medical attention and so far this will be the sixth health worker who has been returned here for treatment. Thankfully the medical staff treating the Ebola health worker victims have managed to stave off and eventually defeat the dreaded Ebola infection.

In the absence of any known cure for the ebola infection there experimental drugs have been used which thankfully have been effective in defeating the Ebola virus.

Undoubtedly, the health workers who have risked their own lives in order to help others are hugely brave, devoted and have to be completely admired.  But what steps can be taken to prevent a needle stick injury and what is the best way to treat someone who has suffered a needle stick injury?


Prevention of Needle Stick Injury Claims?

In short the prevention of needle stick  injuries is down to a combination of factors including

  • Adopting a safe system of work;
  • Using appropriate equipment and;
  • Comprehensive training.

If there is any failure to adopt and embrace all of the above factors then health workers will be put at risk of potentially very serious injury.


What steps should you take following a Needle Stick Injury?

There are a whole list of things that you should do if you are unlucky enough to have suffered a needle stick injury. There is a  helpful list here  prepared by the NHS which runs through the main items.

Time is of the essence and clearly you will need to seek urgent medical attention.

Following the initial medical treatment and once clients have obtained all the available support they often would like to consider bringing a Needle Stick Injury Claim.

We can help you right through the process as we specialise in helping people to claim compensation for Needle Stick injury Claims. Often the Defendant responsible for the claim will send us information that will highlight flaws in training, in the equipment used and sometimes we see

What will it cost to make Your Needle Stick Injury Claim?

We are pleased to be able to offer you a ‘no win no fee’ agreement which means if you lose your Needle Stick Injury Claim you won’t pay us penny.  We guarantee that if your claim is unsuccessful, you will pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING which means you can have real peace of mind.


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