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Needle Stick Injury Claim: Victim Awarded £75,000

A trainee nurse has been awarded £75,000 compensation by the NHS arising out of Needle Stick Injury Claim which she brought following her injury at work. This story tragically illustrates how serious psychological injuries can follow what many might consider is a trivial injury. It has been reported that following the Needle Stick Injury the lady concerned developed OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which had a huge and far reaching adverse impact on all areas of her life.

How Did the Victim suffer following her Needle Stick Injury Claim?

It has been reported that Alcinda Tobbal could not “kiss or make love to her husband for fear of ‘contamination’ after being jabbed with a dirty needle whilst working as a nurse assistant at Whipps Cross Hospital in east London. The 45-year-old developed a ‘severe’ obsessive compulsive disorder focused on cleanliness after the incident in February 2008, a court heard.”

Alcinda Tobbal, pictured, developed a 'severe' obsessive compulsive disorder focused on cleanliness, after being accidentally jabbed with a dirty needle whilst working at Whipps Cross Hospital, east London

Alcinda Tobbal who is photographed above developed what has been described as a ‘severe’ obsessive compulsive disorder which meant that she was all consumed with focusing on hygiene. Unfortunately she developed the condition so seriously that it resulted in her being unable to carry out her career. The court heard that the OCD condition involved her wearing gloves even during very hot weather and scrubbing her children’s shoes clean with bleach when they came in from the outdoors.

Sadly the Victims marriage disintegrated under the strain of the symptoms brought about the Needle Stick Injury and as a consequence the presiding Judge was prepared to make a substantial award of compensation to the Claimant.

What did the Judge have to Say about this Needle Stick Injury Claim?

Judge Edward Bailey sitting at Central London County Court awarded the victim more than £20,000 for her ‘pain and suffering’ which was also intended to compensate for her failed marriage.

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