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When Fighting for You at Court.

Our record speaks for itself – 99% success rate at court.

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Don’t worry though –

the overwhelming majority of cases will settle before they have to go to court. It’s therefore very likely that your claim will be finalised on the best of terms without having to attend Court.

  • We do all that we can to settle your claim on the best possible terms without the need for a court hearing.
  • Our experience in bringing compensation claims built up over many years means you are in safe hands.
  • We pride ourselves in understanding and preparing your claim fully and thoroughly and providing helpful advice and informing you throughout.

When it’s just Right to keep Going

Very occasionally however, when the parties involved just can’t reach a satisfactory agreement, a claim will need to be decided by a court hearing.

If this proves to be the case then we won’t hold back and we will totally support you and we will be with you every step of the way.

We will keep you fully informed in the run up to the court hearing and explain to you how things will work on the day.

Most court hearings will last less than one day and you would only be required to attend at the final hearing.

We will also do our best to ensure that the hearing is a court local to you so that any inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

In a Nut Shell

So the message is that only a minuscule amount of claims ever reach a final hearing at Court but if they do we will make sure that we give you the very best chance of succeeding..

and whats more….

we will keep on fighting for you so you receive the result you serve.

Remember, if for any reason the claim is lost at Court you won’t have to pay a penny in line with our No Win No Fee Guarantee.


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