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Burn Injury Compensation Claims

Burns are possibly one of the most painful injuries that can be suffered. Minor burns can make life uncomfortable for a time and when serious burns occur then long lasting damage often results necessitating painful cosmetic surgery and possibly other operations too.

One Match Lighting Several Matches

There will also, almost inevitably, be a psychological component to the burn injury particularly when there is permanent scarring involved.

Types of Burn Injury Accidents

Burn injuries can arise in a variety of ways including, contact with boiling liquids, fire, steam, chemicals, strong sunlight, friction and even radiation. It is also possible paradoxically to sustain burns from cold substances and the cold itself.

There are 3 different classifications of burn injuries depending upon their seriousness: 1st Degree Burns effect the first layer of skin; 2nd degree burns involve the first and second layers of skin and Third degree burns, which are the worst, involve damage to all layers of skin and typically the muscles,ligaments and tendons underneath.

Whatever the seriousness of the burn the important factor when considering whether there is a viable claim for burn inury compensation is the issue of fault and whether the available evidence helps to demonstrate that the burn injury was caused by another party’s negligence. We pride ourselves in being able to offer friendly and helpful advice in relation to any type of burn injury so if you are thinking about bringing a claim and would like straightforward advice about the strength of your burn compensation claim please contact us.


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