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Accident at Work Claims

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Accident at Work Compensation Claim

If you’ve had an accident at work, however small, you might already have thought about making an accident at work compensation claim from your employer.

If you are thinking about making a claim, you need to talk to our team of accident at work solicitors.

  • During the past twenty years we have handled hundreds of accident at work claims, and we know exactly what it takes to succeed and win the compensation you deserve.
  • Our accident at work solicitors are also aware that many accident victims are worried about taking action against their employers. If you’re anxious that making a claim will sour your relationship with your boss, you’re not alone.
  • One of the advantages of working with Carter and Carter’s work accident solicitors is that we know exactly how to handle accident at work claims carefully and diplomatically, giving you the best chance of winning compensation for any injury, distress or suffering you may have suffered.


You may have already done some research on your options when it comes to making an accident at work compensation claim. But here are three interesting facts you may not know:

1. If you make an accident at work claim, it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever have to appear in court or give evidence against your boss.

2. You may be holding back because you feel loyalty to your employer. But did you know that a successful claim is very unlikely to have any real impact on their business? Your compensation (and my fees as your solicitor) will be paid by your employer’s accident insurance.

3. You will never have to part with a penny if you lose as our No Win No Fee agreement means exactly that!


So there’s not as much at stake as you might have thought. Not only that, but making a claim is a very simple process.

At the very least, it’s worth filling in my claim form or giving our accident at work solicitors a call so that we can give you some initial advice about your chances.

Talking to us is entirely free, and we certainly won’t try to talk you into taking action if you decide not to pursue your accident claim.

Additionally, one of our Directors  is a specialist employment solicitor, so Carter and Carter is ideally placed to help you in the event that your accident at work compensation claim does cause problems with your employer.

If you’re the victim, the law is on your side – and we’re here to help!

Remember, we guarantee that if your claim is unsuccessful, you will pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING so give us a call today!

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