Accidents in Supermarkets

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Buyer beware!

Here are just a few examples of how accidents can occur in supermarkets:-

  • Accidents caused by heavy products falling from shelving above head height as a consequence of being stacked incorrectly;
  • Client’s being knocked over by supermarket staff who are moving items on trolleys but who unfortunately forget to look where they are going;
  • Slipping accidents caused by spillages where there has been a failure to identify and deal properly with the spillage in time or at all;
  • Accidents caused by a failure to display warning signs to alert customers of potential hazards such as leaking fridge freezers;
  • Faulty equipment resulting in injury as well as various other health and  safety breaches which give rise to claims for compensation.

Making it right

One thing is for sure if you have been injured through no fault of your own then its important that you report the accident and complete the accident book if at all possible before seeking medical attention. The details of the accident needs to be recorded correctly and if the supermarket staff  have not recorded matters to your satisfaction it is crucial that the accident circumstances are revised. The accident report form is a very important document in the context of a supermarket claim and if it is not entirely accurate this may well jeopardise your chances of securing the compensation you deserve.

If you wish to bring a claim arising out an accident at a supermarket or any other public place then we a will be able to give you free straight forward advice that will maximise your chances of succeeding. Remember your inquiry will be without obligation and if your case is not successful they won’t be anything to pay at all.