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Case Studies

  1. Slip Trip and Fall Compensation Case Study

    slip trip and fall compensation claims occur far too regularly due to failures by property owners who fail to keep visitors to their premises safe

  2. Swimming Pool Accident Case Study

    If you have suffered a Swimming Pool Accident, read this case study for details of how Carter & Carter Solicitors can help you

  3. Allergic Reaction Compensation Claim – Nut Allergy Claim

    An allergic reaction compensation claim such as a nut allergy claim are often made when restaurant staff do not take enough notice when customers tell them about the allergens which trigger reactions

  4. Electric Shock Injury Claim – A Case Study

    Our client was electrocuted at work due to a negligent colleague and approached us to make an electric shock injury claim after being scarred

  5. Farm Accident Claim Case Study – Serious Injury Claim

    Farming Accident Claims require particular care and attention and with all our experience and expertise there’s every chance we will be able to help you with your Farming Accident Claim.

  6. Furniture Compensation Claims

    Furniture Compensation Claims can happen at anytime if the furniture is not regularly inspected…

  7. Claims Against the Police after Assault

    Claims against the Police and Police Assault Compensation Claims can be made where the Police have used unreasonable and unnecessary force when performing their job

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