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£24,999 Compensation for Our Client who was rejected by national firm of Solicitors  

What Happened?

Mr Bailey was at work carrying a heavy piece of steel when he slipped. He knocked a number of his teeth out after landing face first on the steel.

Mr Bailey contacted a national firm of Solicitors for help straight after the accident.

Mr Bailey told us that 13 months later his Solicitors rejected his claim saying there were insufficient prospects of success and then closed his file.

Annoyed at having his file closed, Mr Bailey went onto the internet and contacted us and asked us to review his claim.

David Healey, a Specialist Serious Injury Solicitor with Carter & Carter Solicitors, said:

“I spoke with Mr Bailey at length and told him that despite what his previous Solicitors had advised I thought his case did have prospects of success.

I agreed to take his claim on and contacted his previous Solicitors for his file of papers.

I contacted the Employer’s insurance company for more information and immediately uncovered new, crucial evidence.

I obtained evidence from a dental surgeon to support Mr Bailey’s claim and then sued the Employer as they were still denying blame.”

The Winning Result!

  • I sued the Employer in April 2017, the Employer instructed a Solicitor who robustly maintained the denial of blame.
  • I pressed ahead by issuing court proceedings and suddenly the defendant’s solicitor seemed keen to talk.
  • After negotiations in July 2017 we received a substantial 5 figure offer from the Defendant’s Solicitors.
  • Mr Bailey was delighted to accept the offer and the claim settled.

In a Nut Shell

I took Mr Bailey’s case on in November 2016, sued the Employer in April 2017 and settled the clam in July 2017, just 8 months after taking it on.


How can Carter & Carter Solicitors help?

If you’ve been rejected by a Solicitor contact us now. 

If your Solicitor has rejected your claim and decided there are insufficient prospects of winning, contact us now.

  • We specialise in difficult cases where other Solicitors have tried then closed their file as it’s too risky to go proceed.
  • We’re very experienced in dealing with a huge variety of personal injury claims.
  • We have dealt with hundreds and hundreds of rejected cases where other Solicitors refused to help or dropped the client as they did not think they would win.
  • David Healey at Carter & Carter Solicitors is very experienced in handling accident compensation claims. He deals with to all types of serious injury and is a specialist dealing with accident compensation claims involving fatalities, catastrophic injuries and amputations.

If you think that you have a case, would like to have a chat about a potential claim or require further information, contact David Healey on:

T: 01663 761 892

E: [email protected]