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Why are DIY Store Accidents so common?

It’s pretty easy to understand why DIY stores can have such a high number of accidents.

In the first place stores, like B&Q, Wickes and Home Base, tend to be located in extremely large warehouses with huge amounts of products on display.

These type of stores also have high volumes of visiting customers including young children.

The safety of their customers is very much dependent upon the store operating a strict health and safety policy. Even with a rigorous and comprehensive policy in place accidents can still happen. Often it’s simply a case of human error and sometimes carelessness.

This might not necessarily be down to mistakes made by the DIY stores staff but can just as easily be by customers who are not accustomed or trained to move large objects using trolleys.

For instance one of  our clients was struck on the head by a plank of wood when another customer, who was approaching the till area, ran into her. We won the claim arguing the DIY Store should have had a much better system to monitor and control the movement of products across its store.

Some Examples of DIY Store Accidents:

  • Slipping and Tripping accidents are always a danger in DIY Stores bearing in mind the shear amount of stock and customers. There is the ever present risk of spillages on the floor which may go unnoticed by the DIY Store staff or may not be attended to properly. There can be obstructions on the aisles which may arise from customers looking  ;
  • Lifting Injuries when customers are doing their best to either inspect or move their chosen purchases onto a trolley;
  • Falling Objects are always a possibility when there are products stored high up and which can be dislodged at any time;
  • Collisions with Forklift trucks or Hand Trucks. DIY stores by necessity need to use machinery to help move their stock around and this clearly brings with it a risk of accidents;
  • Trolley Accidents are always a risk especially when people are attempting to transport large and heavy loads.

Had a DIY Store Accident? What should you do?

If you have been involved in an DIY store accident then follow the tips below to give you the best chance of success:

  • Gather Witnesses Details so that you can contact the witnesses to your accident later if the insurers of the DIY Store deny liability
  • Report the Accident to the manager and complete the accident book.  It’s very important that the circumstances of the accident are fully reported if possible at the time of the accident so there is a true and proper record of what happened;
  • Take Photographs – if your injuries allow then take photographs of the DIY Store to record the dangerous state of affairs. One cannot under estimate the crucial impact that photographs can have on the outcome of the claim. A claim that is initially denied by insurers will often be admitted upon the disclosure of helpful  photographic evidence;
  • Report Matters to Your Doctor – not only will your doctor give you good advice in relation to your treatment needs the reporting of the accident within your medical records will assist in relation to proving the nature and extent of your injuries following the accident.
  • Contact Us to help you all the way!


100% of our DIY Store Accidents are made on a No Win No Fee basis. If your DIY Store Accident Claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything.

It’s as simple as that!

Once we have taken all the relevant information we will be able to start your claim for DIY Store Accident Compensation.

100% of our DIY Store Accident Claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you do not have to worry about any financial risk at all as if your DIY Store Accident claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything. 

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