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During our hectic and busy lives we often take for granted the safety of objects around us such as the humble chair which can be the source of unexpected danger.

The unfortunate reality is that broken chair accident claims are much more common than you might think and this type of accident can result in more serious injuries leaving the victim distressed and in a state of real medical emergency.

In this article we run through all aspects of broken chair accident claims casting light on the legal steps and processes that are involved and dealing with your legal rights and avenues for recourse.

Where do Broken Chair Injury Claims Occur?  

Broken chair accident claims can occur in a wide variety of places including but not limited to:

Workplaces: it is not at all uncommon for employees to suffer broken office chair accidents involving defective office chairs. Injuries can occur particularly in offices where chairs are commonly used as well as in other working environments. If a chair collapsed whilst at work then there will be a duty of care owed by the employer and there will be questions for the employer to answer. If a chair collapsed at work then you are well within your rights to look to bring a claim for compensation against your employer.

Restaurants and cafes: there is always a risk that there are broken chairs in circulation  in restaurants where they may not be properly maintained or inspected. Customers may suffer injuries as a result of a broken chair,  but so may the employees  if they are injured and either may wish to pursue a personal injury claim for compensation when faulty chair accidents of this nature occur.

Hotels and resorts: hotel guests and employees are all at risk if they use chairs that are not properly maintained and broken chair accident claims can ensue.

Retail stores: it’s not unusual for shoppers to come across damaged or unstable chairs in retail stores which can and do lead to broken limbs in broken chair accident claims.

Schools and universities: again there are typically a huge number of chairs that are used on a daily basis in educational establishments. The students, teachers and staff members are all open to the risk of injury by faulty or broken chairs.

Public places: parks and bus stops and public waiting areas often have benches or seating that can become broken and may cause injuries if in a state of disrepair.

Sporting and concert venues: seating that is provided at event venues on a mass scale such as at pop concert halls, theatres and sports stadiums are all places where broken chair accident claims can arise.

Public transport: passengers on all sorts of different public transport such as planes, trains and buses may be subjected to seating that is damaged or unsafe and this can lead to personal injury claims.

It’s important to bear in mind that whether broken chair accident claims have the potential to succeed it very much depends on the circumstances of the accident. Issues such as whether the defendant failed to uphold any duty of care to the injured party and whether there was negligence or the seating in question had a defect, are crucial.

If you have been injured in a broken chair accident and wish to make a claim for compensation then it’s crucial to consult with a specialist personal injury solicitor who is in a position to advise you about whether you have a valid claim and if so the best way to proceed.

Steps to take if You’ve been Injured in a Broken Chair Accident?    

The moment you suffer a head injury or other injury in a broken chair accident, whether you are in a restaurant or at work, your priority has to be your health and you should always seek immediate medical attention.

We know from our experience an accident involving even seemingly minor soft tissue injuries can linger and even deteriorate over time. So it’s imperative that you attend to your injuries to prevent any potential long-term health issues.

Apart from ensuring you receive the treatment that you need, by visiting a medical expert this will ensure the injuries are recorded formally in your medical records. This means whether you have sustained broken bones, back injuries, leg injuries or any type of injury caused by a broken chair accident all the details will be there in your records. In this way your medical records will help to support your broken chair accident claim should you wish to go down this road.

Getting Essential Information: the Keys to Success

In addition to receiving any medical treatment that you require it is important, as far as possible, that you collect various information which could make the difference between a successful accident claim or not.

Reporting the Accident

It is absolutely crucial that as soon as possible following the broken chair accident you formally report the circumstances of the accident to the defendant. In this way the matter will be recorded in the accident book and your details will be stored, together with a description of what happened and any chair related injury you suffered. If you have suffered the accident at work then there should be a formal accident book where injuries are reported and it is important you follow all the procedures that apply.

Detailed notes:

As soon as possible after the incident, record every detail of the accident including the date, time, location and any witnesses involved.

Photographic evidence:

If there is footage of the actual accident recorded on mobile phones or possibly CCTV then it is important to retain and preserve this.

There may well be CCTV recordings inside the building where the collapsed chair accident happened. It is always a good idea to check the position as soon as possible after the accident occurred so that this type of evidence is not destroyed. It can then be relied upon to assist in relation to liability and causation relating to your broken or collapsed chair accident claim.

If possible take multiple photographs of the broken chair and if visible, of  your injuries.

You cannot underestimate the importance of digital evidence of any variety in bolstering and supporting broken chair accident claims.

We know from our experience some time after the accident, the offending chair can mysteriously disappear so taking photographs and preserving any digital evidence can be invaluable.

Are You Eligible to Claim?    

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In order to successfully claim compensation for broken chair accident claims it is necessary to demonstrate  that another party was to blame for the chair breaking accident.

To secure a maximum compensation pay out then it’s necessary to be able to establish:

  1. A third-party owed you a duty of care,
  2. And the actions or failure to act by the other party resulted in your injury.


In the context of broken chair accident claims, the defendant will have a responsibility to keep you safe. Furthermore by allowing the broken chair to deteriorate into a dangerous condition then the occupier may have exposed you to an unnecessary risk of injury , potentially giving rights for you to claim compensation under the law of negligence.

What Can I Claim arising out of a Broken Chair Injury Claim?

If you have suffered serious injuries caused in a broken chair accident it’s only natural to consider what compensation you can claim for following the damaged chair accident.

These types of accidents may sound unusual but they can cause real ongoing pain and suffering.

General Damages: To Compensate You for Pain and Suffering

This is a head of loss that the courts award injury victims to compensate for the injuries caused and the pain and suffering that has resulted from the accident. General damages not only cover the physical pain but also any psychological or emotional distress that you may have suffered.

Special damages: To Cover Your Financial Losses and Expenses

This element of the compensation is to cover the quantifiable financial losses that directly flow from the accident.

Examples of Special Damages:

Medical expenses that are not covered by the NHS such as medications, hospital fees rehabilitation and other treatments that are required on a private basis.

Care claims are brought where there is a need for household chores and daily tasks as a consequence of the injuries sustained. This is a way to ensure that you receive any support you need whilst getting back on your feet.

Loss of Earnings arising out of the accident. It may be the the injury means you have to have time off work which is unpaid and therefore lost income and your finances can be put under great pressure.

In certain personal injury claims such as when liability is admitted it is possible to ask the defendant for an interim payment to reimburse you before the main claim is settled to ensure you are not struggling financially.

Travelling expenses are payable in circumstances where your injuries prevent you from driving or you are required to make visits to the hospital and other medical appointments.

How Much Compensation will I get from a Broken Chair Accident Claim?

One question which is often asked is: how much is my broken chair accident claim worth?

It’s totally understandable that after suffering a broken chair accident you would want to have an idea as to the likely level of compensation involved.

Unfortunately other than giving a broad indication it is very difficult to provide a definitive figure dealing with how much compensation you are likely to receive. The reason for this is that being broken chair compensation claims can result in a whole range of injuries from low value for soft tissue injuries or minor back injuries, to accidents involving severe fractures or head injuries.

  • The best way to find out the likely level of your personal injury compensation injuries is to consult with a personal injury solicitor who specialises in broken chair accidents. In this way you will be able to discuss the nature  and extent of your own personal injury claims and receive a good idea as to the likely compensation involved. Our experienced team will be able to tailor their guidance and advice based on your individual circumstances.
  • In the meantime the best source of information is the Judicial College Guidelines which offer a valuable resource when looking at compensation for various injuries caused, including those caused by broken chairs.
  • We are of course here to help you navigate your broken chair accident claim and to answer any questions in an effort to enable you to make an informed decision in relation to your next steps.
  • Contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of your faulty chair accident claim or if you would like to make a broken chair accident claim.

Maximising Your Compensation with a No Win No Fee Chair Injury Claims Process

In the world of personal injury claims attempting to secure compensation after a broken chair or workplace accident can be terribly daunting. There are lots of questions to be asked and steps that need to be taken to protect your position.

If we are able to accept your claim then we pride ourselves in being able to offer a genuine no win no fee claims agreement, which has no catches and no hidden charges. If  your broken chair accidents claim fails for any reason then there are no costs to pay – guaranteed.

By entering into a no-win no fee agreement this can serve to level the playing field and ensure everyone, irrespective of their financial standing, can seek the justice and claim compensation they rightfully deserve.

Understanding No Win No Fee Chair Injury Claims

In simple terms we firmly believe that claiming compensation should not be denied to those who lack the financial means. If they have a claim which has reasonable prospects then we want to offer a no win no fee option.

By choosing our no-win no fee agreement you can have a total peace of mind knowing that you won’t find yourself in a position where you are owing substantial legal fees.

Our approach means that we only take on broken chairs claims if we believe that they have genuine prospects of success.

We value your time and will not waste it in pursuing faulty chair claims we do not believe have realistic chances of success.

If we accept your claim then you can have real peace of mind about not being saddled with expensive legal fees.

If you would like to make a broken chair accident claim then contact us and we’d be delighted to give you free legal advice and answer any questions about broken chair accident claims and injury settlements.

Discover the Benefits of No Win No Fee Agreements

If you are curious about how our no win no fee agreements can work to your advantage then please feel free to get in touch to discuss your claim.

  • We are here and ready to explain how the broken chair accident claims process really works and to answer any questions at all.
  • We are sure that by contacting us you will feel more relaxed about everything and will be reassured that we are here to maximise your chances of succeeding with your personal injury claim.
  • If you’ve suffered a broken chair accident and have any questions at all please contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where can Broken Chair Injury Claims occur?

A1: Broken chair injury claims can occur in wide range of places including workplaces, restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, retail stores, schools, universities, public places, sporting and concert venues, as well as on public transport.

Wherever you have suffered injuries caused by a broken chair then you might want to make a claim compensation against the liable party. If you would like to make a broken chair accident claim then we can answer any question about the personal injury claims process.

Q2: What steps should I take if I’ve been injured in a Broken Chair Accident?

A2: If you’ve been injured in a broken chair accident, make sure you look after yourself first of all and seek immediate medical attention.

Report the broken office chair injuries or accident claims to the defendant’s manager and record all the necessary details surrounding the incident making sure you preserve any photographic or digital evidence.

Make sure you speak with a personal injury solicitors practice that specialises in faulty chair claims so that you can understand the claims process and so they can help you make a broken chair claim.

Q3: How can I prove Negligence for Compensation in a Broken Chair Injury Claim?

A3: To prove negligence and be successful when claiming compensation for a broken chair injury, you must establish that a third party owed you a duty of care. In addition it needs to be proved that their actions or failure to act resulted in your injury, such as by allowing the chair to become dangerous.

Q4: What types of Compensation can I claim for a Broken Chair Injury?

A4: In a broken chair injury claim, you can make a claim for general damages, which compensate for pain and suffering, as well as special damages to cover your financial losses, which may include medical expenses, care claims, loss of earnings, and travelling expenses.

Q5: How much compensation is My Broken Chair Accident Claim worth?

A5: The amount of compensation in broken chair accidents varies based on the nature and severity of your injuries arising out of your personal injury claim.

There’s no substitute for consulting with a personal injury solicitor specialising in broken chair accidents so that you can get an accurate indication in relation to what your broken chair and personal injury claim is worth. You will then be able to make a broken chair claim if you decide to proceed.

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