Injuries caused by faulty doors

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Closing the Door on Unnecessary Injuries

All too often, the view of door safety has been focused upon keeping out unwelcome visitors and allowing maximum speed of escape in the event of an emergency and this is of course understandable. However, attention to door safety has much wider implications.

Over the years we have received a surprising number of door injury claims. Although the claims will quite often involve young children, adults and young people can also be caught off guard when a heavy door snaps shut quickly and unexpectedly resulting in injury.

There are a number of different ways in which this type of injury can occur including:

  • external doors slamming shut in windy conditions where proper thought has not been given to the safety issues;
  • internal doors closing in a fast and uncontrolled way;
  • automatically operated doors closing suddenly and unexpectedly trapping the victim.

It’s not Rocket Science

In practice the occupier of the premises needs to ensure that their door closing mechanisms are installed and inspected strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions but not only this, they must also maintain the door closer properly.

Our experience of bringing this door injury claims, especially for the conventional type,  is quite worrying in that it appears that the responsible party is oblivious to the care which needs to be given to the integrity of the  door closer and more often than not they are completely unaware that the door closer unit needs to be actively maintained.

Accident and emergency departments across the country will report injuries of a relatively minor nature when a hand is caught in the handle side of the door. However, injuries can be much more severe. The more serious door injury claims tend to involve the hinge side of the door, leading to broken bones or even amputation of fingers.  These accidents can be avoided and what is required is that the occupier of the premises undertakes a proper and comprehensive risk assessment and ensures that  the full range of appropriate safety measures are installed.

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