Egg Allergy Claims

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Egg Allergy Claims – Symptoms

Egg Allergy Claims can involve some nasty and even life threatening symptoms.

Egg Allergies occur when the immune system becomes over-sensitised and reacts to the protein in egg yolks or egg whites.

It is the egg white which is the cause of most allergies.

The body regards the protein as a threat and this in turn triggers chemicals being sent out in defence such as histamine. It is these chemicals that represent the allergic reaction which can involve a range of symptoms including:

Respiratory Difficulties;

Abdominal Pain, Nausea and Vomiting;


Skin reactions;

Anaphylaxis which can close the airways and send the body into shock;

Headaches and migraines;

Joint pain.

The symptoms can manifest themselves within literally seconds or a matter of minutes or the onset may take more than an hour.

As everyone’s immune system is different egg allergy’s can cause a diverse response involving a mild to severe reaction.


Avoiding Eggs – a Tricky Undertaking

This is easier said than done as there is a huge range of food that contains egg.

It is so important that food labels are carefully read to make sure that the food is safe to eat.

In accordance with labelling legislation in the UK the manufacturer must highlight in the ingredients list all major allergens which include egg,

The same legislation applies if you are eating out in a restaurant or buying take away food.

There’s clearly a pressing need to be pro-active and vigilant when eating out.


Will your Egg Allergy Claim Succeed?

If you have suffered an allergic reaction from consuming egg through no fault of your own then please get in touch with us.

We are happy to discuss the circumstances of your allergic reaction over over the telephone.

We will be able to advise you straightaway about the prospects of your claim succeeding.

We know from our experience that there is a wide set of circumstances in which clients can inadvertently consume egg.

For instance:

  • There can be labelling errors contained within products or mistakes on menus which fail to identify egg within the ingredients.
  • Waiting on staff may not have accurate knowledge in relation to the ingredient’s on a “specials” menu.
  • The waiter may take the order correctly and highlight the egg allergy but then there may be a communication break down with the catering staff which has disastrous consequences. As far as you can it is important to check that the correct procedure is followed.
  • These type of situations are clearly crying out for proper robust risk assessments and training.

If you contact us we will be able to help you and if we believe your claim will succeed then we will enter into a No Win No Fee agreement.

We offer a genuine No Win No Fee agreement – no hidden costs, no catches – promise!



Calculate my Egg Allergy Claim

The quantification of your compensation will be determined by a number of factors.

  • In terms of compensation for your pain and suffering the amount will be determined by the extent of your allergic reaction, its seriousness and the longevity of your symptoms.
  • The duration of the symptoms will be particularly influential when calculating the overall value of your claim.
  • You will also be able to claim for any loss of past earnings and where relevant future earnings;
  • Medical Expenses;
  • Incidental losses such as telephone calls, postage and travel (in fact any items that are reasonable and necessary).
  • Each claim will have a different value depending upon your individual circumstances.


We always more than happy to discuss the likely value of your claim if this is helpful.



Your Egg Allergy Claim: Call us to Make it Happen

We have all the experience and expertise to help you succeed with your Egg Allergy Claim.

We work tirelessly for our clients and we have a mountain of really fantastic reviews which we are very proud.

If you call us you’ll be very pleased that you did!