Dairy Allergy Claims

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Do You have a  Dairy Allergy Claim?

Milk is perhaps surprisingly reputed to be the third most common food causing anaphylaxis after peanuts and tree nuts;

Dairy allergy claims can arise when client’s have informed the defendant they have a dairy allergy and therefore have a strict requirement to be provided with dairy free produce.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for the defendant to assure the client that the food or drink will be safe to eat but it then transpires the food or drink actually contains dairy ingredients resulting in an allergic reaction.

Dairy Allergy Symptoms can come on rapidly, often within a matter of minutes and can be life threatening.


What are the Symptoms of a Dairy Allergy?

Dairy allergy symptoms can manifest themselves very quickly and can include some or all of the following reactions:

Breathing difficulty which can in the most serious of cases lead to anaphylaxis which is a life-threatening condition that can impede the airways and restrict breathing.

Chest tightness and wheeziness;

Swelling to tongue or lips;

Stomach upset;

Rashes to the skin and itching; 

Joint pain;

Headaches and migraines.


Action to take if you have suffered an Allergic Reaction to Dairy?

It’s important that if you wish to bring a Dairy Allergy Claim that you take the right action following the incident to maximise your chances of success. For instance:

  • Make sure that the matter is reported as soon as possible and that you have evidence to demonstrate you have advised the defendant of the allergic reaction. (We know that some defendant’s will seek to argue that you didn’t attend their restaurant so this is important.)
  • Keep the receipt for the meal so it’s easy to prove where you had the meal.
  • Make sure you keep a note of any witnesses details who may be able to confirm what was said at the time of ordering.
  • Ideally you should also obtain a copy of the menu that you ordered from so that if there was no warning of the presence of milk this can be relied upon in evidence.

Above all please speak to us first so we can make sure that you take the right steps for your particular circumstances.

There’s no substitute for us having a no obligation chat so we can guide you properly on what to do.


Dairy Allergy Claims – How to Claim Compensation?

We know, having acted for clients with dairy allergies over the years, that the reactions can be serious and distressing.

  • We are fully aware of the possible ramifications of an allergic reaction and you can be sure that we will deal with you in a sympathetic and sensitive way.
  • In the first instance if you contact us we will be able to let you know whether your claim  is worth pursuing.
  • If we decide there are merits we will offer you a genuine No Win No Fee Agreement.
  • Once we accept your claim then we will use all our years of experience to give you the maximum chances of success.
  • We are well aware that the Defendant’s insurers will do all that they can to resist having to pay compensation.
  • You can be sure that we are alive to their tactics and we’ll do all that we can to deliver a winning result for you.

Before going any further you might want to have a look at what our Client’s have to say about our service and our approach. (We’re blushing now!)

There are lots of solicitors to choose from but why not give yourself the very best chances of success by choosing us –  specialists in bringing No Win No Fee Dairy allergy claims?