Hernia Injury at Work

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Suffering with a Hernia Injury at Work?


A Hernia injury at work can be caused through a variety of different ways but very often this type of injury will arise through excessive lifting or exertion.

The effects of the Hernia Injury will often lead to prolonged periods off work:



What are the possible causes of a Hernia?


There are clearly certain occupations where lifting is more common than others such as delivery workers, removal men, labourers and other types of work involving physical labour.

Hernias can arise as a consequence of incorrect manual handling of heavy items with the groin and abdomen being susceptible to injury.

Hernia’s can also develop over time through repetitive lifting.

Hernia’s can be sustained by  everyone – the young, the old and both men and women.

Inguinal Hernias are probably the most common form of abdominal hernia injury but there are a number of other types which can be caused by physical exertion.

Spinal Hernias  which are more commonly known as a slipped disc are also usually  the result of lifting heavy objects in an unsafe way.

If you have suffered a Hernia then it is likely you will require surgery to repair the injury.

The extent of the surgery and how involved it is will largely be determined by the seriousness of the injury and the tear.

Unfortunately there is always the risk that hernias can return although the chances are thankfully relatively low.

If the original injury was the fault of your employer then subject to favourable medical evidence any later operation would also be the employer’s responsibility too.




Hernia Injury at Work – What steps to take?


First of all it’s important to stress that if you are seeking compensation for a Hernia at Work then it is necessary to be able to demonstrate that the hernia was caused by activities in the workplace.

In all hernia accident compensation claims independent medical evidence prepared by a suitable expert is necessary to confirm this.

It’s important for you to do your best to make a note of the precise circumstances in which you suffered the hernia as soon as possible.

  • What were you doing exactly before the accident?
  • Did the pain emanate from the hernia site at the time of the exertion?
  • Did anyone specifically tell you to carry out the task?
  • Were there any witnesses to the accident?

Advise your employers of the injury as soon as possible and make sure that you carefully complete the accident report book so that all the important details are properly recorded.

Make an appointment to see your doctor and be sure to accurately record the circumstances of the accident.

Your doctors records will be very important in the context of your claim and care must be taken to ensure all the details are correctly recorded.

Your doctor should be able to make a diagnosis for you and make an initial assessment in relation to the recommended treatment.




Will Your Hernia Injury at Work Claim Succeed?


The very best way of finding this out is to contact us so we can chat things over with you and take down all the details and provide you with an opinion – there and then.

First things first, you will need to be able to demonstrate that the hernia was caused by an activity at work.

Medical evidence will need to make the connection between the injury and work and exclude any other form of non-work  activity.

In practice you will need to show that your employer failed to implement (all or a combination of) the following:

  • Adequate risk assessments;
  • A safe means of carrying out the work activities and
  • A proper training regime to promote the safe handling of work objects.

The trick when assessing these types of claims is to be able to obtain a detailed overview so that all possible liability angles are covered.

We look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss your particular circumstances and establishing whether your claim has prospects of success.



How Much Compensation for Your Hernia Injury at Work?


Each Hernia Injury claim is different and the value of compensation will vary enormously depending upon the individual and the nature and extent of the hernia injury.

Relevant factors influencing the possible value of the claim will be:

The seriousness of the symptoms;

                       Whether there were any complications if surgery was required;

The effect upon the individual and their lifestyle;

Whether the injury has resulted in time off work;

The nature of any ongoing symptoms and treatment required.

We can help run through the various heads of loss when we speak with you and don’t worry we make it our business to ensure everything is included!




No Win No Fee for Your Hernia Injury at Work Claim?


We give you the peace mind to know that we’ll never make any charges if your claim doesn’t succeed for any reason.

This means you can have the confidence to make your claim safe in the knowledge that there will be no hidden fees, charges or nasty surprises.

No Win No Fee means exactly that!

We look forward to helping you with your claim 🙂