Farm Accident Claims

We know from our experience over the years that farming accidents are not at all unusual.

Statistics tell us that the farming industry has a notoriously high record of accidents and because of the nature of the work involved they are often serious and sometimes fatal.

In the farming industry dangerous practices exist and often there is a fundamental failure to ensure that employees are trained properly or even at all.

This combined with farming equipment that has not been looked after, a failure to risk assess and an environment which can be generally fraught with danger leads inevitably to a proliferation of accidents.

These can include a whole range of Farm Accidents such as:

  • Accidents involving faulty farm machinery;
  • Accidents caused by falls from height;
  • Accidents involving livestock;
  • Accidents arising out of lifting and moving equipment;
  • Injuries caused by noise, exposure to dangerous substances as well as exposure to dust often referred to as Farmers Lung;

This list could go on and on but if you have been injured in a farm accident you will need to find help in bringing your compensation claim but this must be the right sort of expert help.

What to do if You’ve had a Farming Accident?

If you have been involved in a farming accident what should you do and how do you go about recovering the compensation you deserve?

Experience Required

First and foremost you need to ensure that the Solicitor you instruct is experienced in dealing with Farm Accident Claims and has the right experience to be able to fight your corner and fully protect your interests by having a sound knowledge of the applicable working regulations.

Do You Feel Re-assured?

Even if a solicitor has all the necessary knowledge and experience of handling Farm Accident Claims it’s equally important that you feel at ease and comfortable with them.

You need to have complete faith that your Farm Accident Claim will be pursued rigorously and tirelessly so you have the very best chances of success.

We’re Here

  • If you have been injured in a Farm Accident and need help claiming then we would be delighted to hear from you and give you free advice about what you should do from here.
  • We operate a genuine “No Win No Fee” service so if we are able to help you then we guarantee there will be no costs for you to pay if you lose.
  • We are not in the habit of losing the claims we take on as we have a high level of experience and expertise in Farm Accident Claims.
  • In short we are sure that if you contact us today you will know that your claim is very safe in our hands.

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