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Shellfish Allergy Claims – an Overview

Shellfish Allergy Claims can often involve severe and potentially life threatening reactions.

Allergic reactions can arise even when only tiny amounts of shellfish have been consumed.

Sufferers tend to be affected with the Shellfish Allergy for life and statistics reveal 60% have their first allergic reaction as adults.

There are a couple of groups of shellfish:

  1. “Crustaceans” which includes such well known animals as crayfish, lobsters, crayfish, shrimp and barnacles. This crustacea group causes the majority of allergic reactions which tend to be serious.
  2. “Molusks” which  includes mussels, clams, oysters, octopuses, squids and scallops.

Shellfish Allergy sufferers who are allergic to one group of shellfish are generally also allergic to other types.




How to Minimise the risks of a Shellfish Allergic Reaction?

  • Clearly it’s so important that all shellfish and shellfish products are strictly avoided.
  • It’s obvious that it’s always necessary to carefully read food labels to ensure the food is safe.
  • As a Shellfish Allergy sufferer you should avoid areas where shellfish is being cooked – shellfish protein could be in the steam.
  • There’s also the risk of contamination if you touch shellfish.
  • If you have a Shellfish Allergy then make sure you keep an Epipen with you at all times.
  • Bear in mind that any food served in a restaurant can be cross-contaminated with shell fish if this is on the menu.
  • Be sure to highlight the risk of you having an allergic reaction and the seriousness of the consequences. Order your food through the manager.
  • Be vigilant at all times especially when considering choosing dishes which contain sauces which may contain hidden allergens.
  • Remember that even if certain dishes are called the same the ingredients may well differ from one place to another.



Shellfish Allergy Claims – Mistakes and Carelessness Putting You at Risk

Our client’s who suffer with shellfish allergies are extremely careful when deciding what to eat in restaurants.

They are very aware that it’s crucial to check the ingredients before deciding to eat any food others are preparing on their behalf.

It’s a sad fact that as careful as you might be in terms of checking the ingredients are safe, the risk of contamination is ever present due to human error.

Allergy sufferers are vulnerable and we know that mistakes happen all the time.

For instance, perhaps the menu is not accurate and fails to display allergen warnings in breach of the legislation.

The restaurateur may well carefully note the dietary requirements of the client but things can go wrong from here for many reasons.

There is always the risk that for some reason, such as a communication failure, that the shellfish ingredients make their way into the dish.




What to do if you have suffered a Shellfish Allergy?

There’s no substitute for contacting us so we can run through your particular circumstances and make sure that your position is properly protected.

  1. Have you made a formal complaint to the Defendant?
  2. Have you documentary evidence that a complaint has been made and to whom?
  3. Do you have proof that you ate in the restaurant that served you the shellfish?
  4. Any witnesses who can support your version of events?
  5. Have you a copy of the menu if this was relied upon?



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