Construction Accident Claims

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Construction Accident Claims – A Guide for You

Construction accident claims are common, owing to the intrinsic danger of construction sites, carrying a high degree of risk.

There are many different hazards that exist at any one time and health and safety legislation impose strict duties upon your employer to ensure that the workplaces kept safe.

The statistics relating to construction accidents do not make healthy reading.

It is made all the worse because a good proportion of the injuries are serious or can even involve fatalities.

Accidents on construction sites can occur for a variety of reasons.

If you are considering bringing a construction accident claim due to someone else’s fault or negligence you have come to the right place!



What type of accidents can occur on Construction Sites?

There are a wide variety of circumstances in which accidents can occur on a construction site. Injury can occur arising out of:


A fall from height;

Being hit by falling tools or building material;

Suffering electrocution;

Faulty or defective equipment such as tools, ladders, protective equipment etc;

Inadequate training or safety briefings;

Poor site layout;

Sub standard risk assessments;

A Failure to place proper warning signs in situ;

Chemical spillages and exposure to hazardous substances.;

Manual handling;

Noise induced hearing loss;

Fork lift accidents;

Slipping in tripping accidents.


This list probably only scratches the surface of possible accidents that can occur on a construction site.



Have You Been Injured in a Construction Accident?

  • It’s not important if you were injured whilst employed or simply visiting a construction site or perhaps working as a contractor.
  • Whatever your situation  we can to assess your claim and advise you about the prospects of success.
  • We have the necessary expertise to guide you through the whole claims process.
  • We will make sure you receive a personal service so that you always are kept in the picture.
  • Our experience tells us that construction accidents can have a devastating impact upon a client’s and their families life.
  • It is our objective to help you to get things sorted out as soon as possible.

If you are wondering about making a claim then why not contact us now.

We can discuss the circumstances of your injury and hopefully reassure you that we are able to help you.

Don’t worry, when we speak with you we won’t stand on ceremony – as well as knowing our stuff we are down to earth and will speak your language!

We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about any aspect of your construction accident injury claim.



Will my Employer be obliged to pay out Compensation for my Construction Accident Claim?

In a word – Yes – Provided it is accepted that your employer had failed to provide a safe place of work which resulted in your injury.

The overriding duty is upon your employer to ensure that safe working practices are adopted and that ongoing health and safety checks are carried out.

Where there has been a breach of health and safety law the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will take matters very seriously and they will investigate matters and may well take legal action in the criminal courts.

If your employer is found to be negligent and it is accepted that the negligence resulted in your injury then you can expect a compensation payment to be made.

It is a legal requirement for your employer to be insured and therefore any payout is in practice going to be made by your employer’s insurer.





How much Compensation could you receive?

This is a difficult question to answer because every construction injury is different and there are lots of factors that will determine the value of the claim.

It all very much depends upon the nature and extent of the injury that you have suffered and the effect of it as had on you and your families life.

Some of the f actors which can influence the level of compensation are listed below but there is no substitute for contacting us so we can find out about your individual circumstances and let you have our thoughts:

The exact injuries you have received and the prognosis for the future;
Amount of time off work;
Whether you are able to return to work;
The extent of the care and support that you might need;
Whether compensation for loss of amenity is appropriate;
Any ongoing disability that might put you in a disadvantage if you are thrown onto the open labour market;
Whether any adaptations to your home be required

You need not worry – whatever your individual heads of loss that are relevant to your claim we will fight hard to ensure you receive the maximum of compensation that you are entitled to.

If you take a moment to have a look at some of the comments left for us by our previous clients you will hopefully see very quickly that we score incredibly very well!




No Win No Fee Construction Accident Claims

We know from years of extensive experience dealing with personal injury claims that understandably clients are concerned about the prospect of being landed with legal fees.

We would like to reassure you right from the start that if you decide to choose us to pursue your claim then  you will be placed under no financial risk. If you lose your claim for any reason then you have our word there will be no fees for you to pay 🙂

You can find out more information in relation to our genuine no win no fee agreement here but in the meantime you can have peace of mind that there is nothing whatsoever to pay if your claim is unsuccessful.



Starting Your Claim

It’s over to you now…

Hopefully this page has been useful reading for you and demonstrates our commitment to helping you secure the very best result for you.

Please feel free to contact us in any way that you prefer so that we can put you on the right track and obtain the compensation you deserve.

We look forward to helping you.