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Recommended Stamp


Please take a moment to look at just some of the testimonials we have received over the years. We think you will agree that we have provided our clients with a level of service we can be really proud of – not forgetting all the fantastic results!

Recommended Stamp

Ever since we started our company we have been passionate about providing a really good service and the best way of finding  out if we are succeeding is to ask the people who matter the most – our clients! We therefore ask our clients for feedback on all aspects of our claims process.  We listen carefully and learn from all the feedback and thankfully, as you can see from the many testimonials we have received, our clients, who are from all over the country, are not shy at all in recommending us to anyone and everyone!

Fantastic, supportive and empathetic handling of my personal injury claim (food allergy). Chris was really knowledgable and managed my expectations well. He kept me fully updated throughout the claim and made me feel confident that he was doing all he could to proceed with my claim and bring it to a swift, successful resolution. Thank you Chris!

Joanne Waller

Carter & Carter solicitors were fantastic from the get go. Taking my nut allergy claim on straight away when other solicitors said that the case wasn't worthy enough. I found them professional at all times and very forthcoming. I was always kept up to date with any further developments with the case either through text or email. I was delighted with the outcome and I couldn't recommend them enough! I had David Healey as my solicitor and would thoroughly recommend.

Bianca Scott

Mr Frederick Cook suffered a nasty fall in a public car park when he tripped over the lip of a metal plate causing serious multiple injuries. We fought hard to gain an admission of liability and then gathered together all the necessary medical evidence to quantify the claim.  At the end of the claim Mr Cook had the following to say: "None better than the efficient way claim was handled - very professional."

Tripping Accident in Dark Car Park

Nearly a year ago i was in a serious accident with a horses foot i contacted carter & carter and within 24hrs they made feel i could stand up for whats right David Healey and the team there are amazing they've helped lots and I've managed to come away with some compensation money which is going to help me out many thanx again to all at carter and carter x

Lindsey Waters from our Google Reviews

We helped Miss Jatender Hundal with her Nut Allergy Claim. After issuing proceedings we managed to bring about a successful result despite strong resistance from the other side. Miss Hundal has the following to say: "I have found Carter & Carter very helpful regarding my queries I have had with my claim. They are so reassuring when answering my questions. They are very knowledgeable regarding the queries you may have for your claim. I am so happy that I decided to go with Carter & Carter to represent me regarding my case. Thank you so much for everything."

Nut Allergy Claim

We represented Ms Lingard after she ate a bad batch of mussels and suffered from shellfish toxin poisoning. Despite liability being vehemently denied, Court Proceedings were issued and the claim was successfully settled.  Ms Lingard said "Overall I was very pleased with the service and would highly recommend Carter & Carter Solicitors to my friends. I would like to thank David Healey for all the help I received and the payment I received. A big thank you."

Ms Lingard from Stockport suffered shellfish poisoning

We helped Mr McMurrough with his road traffic accident claim when the Defendant lost control of his vehicle in icy conditions and ran into the rear of our client. Mr McMurrough had this to say:  "Very approachable, easy to communicate with, very friendly service all round. Thanks to all."

Mr Tony McMurrough Road Accident Claim

We helped Michelle Maidment recover compensation when a local beauty salon left her with a nasty infection following treatment to her nails. We managed to secure the compensation even though the salon had no liability insurance. Our client had this to say: " Found Chris Carter very easy to correspond with - a pleasure. I was a bit dubious of making a claim but was put at ease straight away. Was a very straight forward claim and completely satisfied with the outcome.

Michelle Maidment Beauty Treatment Claim

Excellent service provided, I was always informed and kept up to date about the progress of my claim. The service I received was outstanding! I would Definitely recommend this company to family and friends. Thanks again C&C Solicitors :)

Corinne Stanton Delighted Client!

Mr Dale suffered a nasty head injury as a consequence of a faulty door closer which was installed in a college. The insurers chose to fight the claim and in the final stages of the claim they finally agreed to deal with the claim. Mr Dale told us: "Brilliant service and fought hard to get a great outcome, many thanks!"  

Accident at College where Door Closer was Defective

Mrs Amanda Thorley came to us following lazer treatment she had received which unfortuantely went badly wrong and she suffered quite nasty facial burns. The Beauty Salon's insurers robustly and consistently resisted the claim but we we pressed ahead with the claim and were not put off by this. In the end we managed to win the argument and secure our client  compensation well above her expectations. Our client wanted to say the following:

"Thank you Mr Carter - it's taken time but your hard work has paid off, I would recommend Mr Carter to my friends if they needed help."

Our client also commented that she received a "very professional and caring service." If you have suffered a Lazer Hair Removal Injury then we would be delighted to help you with your claim on a No Win No Fee basis. Contact us now for free advice.

because if you don't ask you'll never know...


Lazer Hair Removal Injury

Mr Akhtar suffered nasty injuries in a road traffic accident involving a driver who fled the scene. We were able to persuade the MIB that the claim fell within the terms of the untraced drivers agreement and negotiated an excellent settlement package. Our client had this to say "Christopher Carter is a diligent lawyer who gives a client 100%. I would recommend him to anyone. Having dealt with many lawyers in the past I found him to breath of fresh air."

MIB Untraced Compensation Claim for Mr Ahktar

Our client was using a swimming pool in a large leisure centre and while she was there she decided to take a turn on the water slide flume. As she was part way down the slide she suffered a terrible laceration to her right arm on an unknown sharp object inside the flume. We managed to secure an early admission of liability and our Client had this to say: " I was a bit dubious of making a claim but was put at ease straight away. Was straight forward to claim and completely satisfied with the outcome.  

Water Slide Accident Claim by L Fillery

Sharon Simons came to us following a fall that she suffered on a badly maintained path where she was working.  Although the Defendant robustly denied liability we pressed on by issuing legal proceedings. When the Defendant failed to enter a defence within the required time  we seized the opportunity to invite the Court to find against them. Once liability was ordered against the Defendant the offers followed and we continued to negotiate upwards to a figure that represented a very good level of compensation.    

Fall on Slippery Path at Care Home

Keeleigh Griffith came to us following an accident with an untraced driver and wanted us to help her with her MIB Untraced Compensation Claim. After the successful conclusion of her claim Keeleigh told us: "Absolutely fantastic service received. Chris Carter dealt with my claim efficiently and promptly. I was updated at all times with what was going on with my claim and felt assured that it was being dealt with promptly. Extremely happy with the service received!!! 10 out of 10."

MIB Untraced Compensation Claim

Mr Vandenhove from London has just settled his successful nut allergy claim after an allergic reaction in a restaurant.  He said of Carter & Carter Solicitors that "the service was efficient and David always kept me updated on the next stage of my claim which reassured me. The claim was dealt with promptly and I would highly recommend Carter & Carter to my friends."

£1750 Nut Allergy Claim

Mr Brendan Gannon contacted us after suffering a dental injury when eating a pie. He had first contacted the manufacturer and after deliberation they offered him £10.00 by way of compensation! After considering matters we were delighted to help Mr Gannon with his claim and in the end we were able to secure substantial compensation for not only the injury and past treatment but also for dental treatment which was anticipated in the future. Our client had the following to say about our services: "My claim was handled effectively, the company kept me informed at all times and dealt with any concerns I had. Brilliant advice from start to finish and a very good result when the case was finalised."              

Dental Injury from Foreign Object in Food

Our client, Pamela Kaseke-Mushore came to us from another firm of solicitors whom she had started her claim with. We took up her fight for compensation for a claim against her Landlord. Our client instructed us that a wash basin in her bathroom had collapsed when she was using the basin causing her injury. However the Landlord's insurers repeatedly refused to accept that the defective basin was something that they were responsible for and they denied the workman who visited the property to sort out the central heating pipes disturbed the basin in the process. It was necessary for us to issue court proceedings and we proceeded some way down the line before the insurers were finally prepared to make any concessions. Our client wanted to put on record how pleased she was with what we were able to do. She told us: "Chris [Carter] worked endlessly communicating with me efficiently and keeping me up to speed with the case. Even when the defendant seemed to indicate refusal for any liability he did not give up on me, even when I questioned his direction. He was very professional and assisted in fighting to the end. I got my compensation." If you have suffered injuries in a property rented from a Landlord we may well be able to help you claim compensation. Contact us now to see you are eligible for compensation.

Claims Against Landlords

We were contacted by Mr Christopher Burton to help him pursue a claim following an allergic reaction to food he was sold. Our Client had the following to say: " I was served with a food product containing allergens. The Company concerned offered me goodwill of just £2.00! Carter and Carter succeeded in getting a four figure settlement both promptly and professionally.

Allergic Reaction to Food Claim

Mr Gilkes from London simply said that he was "over the moon with the way you dealt with my case, thank you."

Over the moon with Carter & Carter Solicitors

Ms McGaffin was injured in a road traffic accident which came at a very bad time as she was right in the middle of moving house.   She said David Healey had a "kind and considerate approach in difficult circumstances."

Ms McGaffin successfully received compensation after a road traffic accident

We successfully secured compensation of £5,000 for Mr Rhodes from Stoke on Trent in relation to his Bus Accident Claim. The bus mounted the kerb and forced him to jump out of the way.  The Bus company refused to accept blame but we issued Court Proceedings and won.  Mr Rhodes said "I was at first not sure about claiming against a large company but after talking to Carter & Carter Solicitors all that changed.  They talked me through everything, took on my claim, worked very hard and kept me informed all the way before finally winning my case.  I would not hesitate to recommend Carter & Carter to anyone."

Bus Accident Claim – It Mounted the pavement!

Our Client badly injured his hand when a gust of wind blew a large glass door into him. After some debate as to which organisation was responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the door the relevant insurers admitted liability and the claim has recently settled. Our Client wanted to say the following in relation to the conduct of his claim: "I was kept informed by e-mail or phone - always updated - very good service. Thank you."

Glass Door Accident – Wind Caught Door

We helped Mr Thornton pursue a claim arising out of him being knocked off his bicycle when he was established upon a roundabout. Our client was badly injured and was off work for a long time as a consequence. We managed to press the drivers insurers again and again for improved offers of compensation and were not prepared to go away for anything but the right amount. Mr Thornton was delighted with the outcome and told us: "I was very happy with the service I received. Thank you for helping me with my case."

Cycling Accident Claim brought by Mr Wayne Thornton

Mr Morley's claim arose out of a serious mistake made by his chemist which resulted in him taking the wrong amount of medication over a period of time with nasty consequences. Mr Morley told us: " Mr Carter and his team gave a first class service. They were always at the end of the phone to answer away concerns."

Prescription Mistake brought by Andy Morley

We helped Mrs Gregory bring her claim for injuries arising out of an accident suffered in a forestry park when the bench she sat on collapsed. Our client told us: "Mr Chris Carter was very professional in his handling of my case, he was helpful, reassuring and non-pressurizing, he kept me well informed throughout the progress of my case and his accurate advice was appreciated. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his practice."

Accident in a Forest Park brought by Hazel Gregory

Our client was knocked off her bicycle by a driver who failed to stay at the scene.  We made a successful claim on our client's behalf under the MIB scheme for victims of untraced drivers. Our client told us: " I was very impressed with the service I have received. Thank you so much."

Untraced Drivers Accident brought by Olga Lowrie

Mrs Powell sustained a nasty injury to her knee when she fell as a result of a set of pet scales being left in the shop aisle. We managed to secure compensation which was more than double the initial offer. Mr and Mrs Powell wanted to say: "Thank you for the consideration shown in our case, and the professionalism with which you dealt with our claim. Best wishes for the future."

Shop Accident Claim – Another Client Happy!

We helped Mr Rowe with his cycling claim after he found us through our website. Mr Rowe sustained some very nasty injuries when a careless driver opened their car door into our client's path. Mr Rowe told us: "I  received a really first class service from Carter & Carter. I was always kept fully informed and my compensation was much better than I had anticipated. Thank you very much, I am more than happy."

Cycling Accident Claim Settled on Excellent Terms

We acted for Mr Scrace after a road traffic accident.  The other driver's insurers made a number of offers to him to try and stop him using his own Solicitors but he spoke to us and we took his case on.  He received more than TRIPLE what the other side's insurers offered him which is rather telling...

Mr Scrace from St Leonard’s on Sea

Mr Moussa was involved in an accident where the defendant motorist failed to stop. The claim was brought through the MIB untraced driver's scheme. Initially the MIB knocked back the claim on the basis that it felt our client was to blame. However we were able to make representations to the MIB which persuaded them to change their opinion and offer a full award. Our client told us: "I got hit by a car and made a claim and thanks to Carter and Carter Solicitors I got compensation through them."

Untraced Drivers Accident Saleem Moussa, London

Our Client was involved in an accident where the other driver failed to stop. We helped him bring his claim through the MIB Untraced Driver's Scheme and he told us: " Thank you for your help. Because I was in a hit and run accident I did not know where to start. From the first phone call to the final cheque being sent you helped every step of the way. Thank you for everything."

Untraced Driver Claim through MIB.

Our Client instructed us to handle her injury claim when she sustained serious burns to her arm when purchasing a burger at a mobile cafe.  Our client was very pleased with everything we did and told us: " The service I have received was exceptional. I was informed of progressions throughout, and given the result I had hoped for."

Burn Injury Claim from Burger bought at Mobile Cafe

We helped Mr Mallard with his accident at work claim when he was injured by a colleague who, for no reason lashed out at him,  causing facial injuries. We were able to obtain a concession from the Defendant's insurers in relation to liability and they agreed to deal with the claim on the basis of the colleagues vicarious liability. Mr Mallard told us I was:  "very pleased with professional standard."

Accident at Work, Mr Robert Mallard, Lancashire

We helped Amy with her road traffic accident claim and she had the following to say:  "I am very pleased with the service I received from Carter & Carter. I was kept well informed throughout the process. Chris took the time to listen to my concerns and achieved a good result for my case."

Stockport Road Traffic Accident Claim for Amy Hoyle

We helped Mr Davies with his Road Traffic Accident claim which had a serious impact upon his life.  Mr Davies told us: " From the very beginning, I was treated in a professional manner. I was always kept well appraised at how my claim was progressing and felt that I could contact my solicitor at any time. I would recommend Carter & Carter Solicitors to anyone who requires their professional services and I was extremely pleased at the way my case was handled."

Road Traffic Accident Claim with Serious Consequences

We acted on Mr Mandy's behalf when he was knocked off his bicycle.  He went to a different Firm of Solicitors originally but they were too slow for his needs.  He therefore contacted us and we successfully recovered him the compensation he was entitled to.  He said "I was very satisfied, particularly with the speed of response to emails.  I would completely and without hesitation recommend the services of Carter & Carter Solicitors."

John Mandy from Stockport

Mr Reide told us: " I am very pleased with the way you processed my claim."

Accident at work: Cornelius Reide from Coventry

We helped Mr Henderson with a nasty accident which occurred during a physical fitness exercise against the clock when our client fractured both wrists.  He told us " We were very pleased with the outcome and overall service by Chris Carter who had faith in us and the just cause. We would recommend your company for its professionalism, helpfulness throughout the process, we have been very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you once again.

Ben Henderson from Newcastle Upon Tyne

We acted for Dorian as a result of an accident at work when he was injured by a piece of defective work equipment on the waste disposal vehicle he was using.  Despite the other side refusing to accept they were to blame we successfully settled Dorian's claim.  He said "I feel my claim was dealt with in an understanding and efficient manner.  I received regular updates on the progress of my claim and felt the company were looking after me.  I would highly recommend Carter & Carter Solicitors."

Mr Dziemianczuk from Hounslow

We helped Mrs Millard with her road traffic accident compensation claim. She wanted to say: "I have been so well informed of the progress of my claim and always felt that Carter & Carter were always there for me and ready to help me in any way - was over all very satisfied with the service."

Yvonne Millard from Oxford

We acted on behalf of Sue following a road traffic accident after she was recommended to us by a friend who we had previously acted for. We gathered all the relevant evidence and successfully settled the claim within a matter of months.  Sue said "I am very pleased with the help, advice and service I received from David Healey.  I was kept updated by David all along the process.  He answered any queries I had promptly and fully and I would definitely recommend Carter & Carter Solicitors to friends, family and colleagues."

Sue Kirkup from Newcastle

We acted on behalf of Mrs Hobson following a road traffic accident where she was an innocent passenger and a conflict of interest arose. We gathered evidence, issued Court Proceedings and forced a settlement before the case went to Trial.  Mrs Hobson said "I would just like to say a big thank you to David Healey for his time and co-operation."

June Hobson from London

We helped Mrs Smith who sustained nasty injuries following a tripping accident claim arising out of a defect in the pavement. Mrs Smith told us: "I was very pleased with the way my claim was dealt with. Carter and Carter solicitors were very helpful and if I called into the office they had time to help if I had a question to ask about my claim. I would recommend them to other people."

Mrs Christine Smith from Stockport

We acted for Mr May as a result of an accident at a Renault car showroom.  Renault denied fault, we issued Court Proceedings and successfully secured him compensation.  Mr May said "very satisfied with the way my claim was dealt with from start to finish. David Healey and his team were always helpful and always kept me up to date. Just received my cheque and am delighted, many thanks for all your hard work."

James May from Middlesex

We acted for Igors after he was injured at work and no-one else would take his case on.  We successfully secured compensation for him and he said "Great company, nice to work with, no headaches, not much paperwork to fill in, recommend!!!"

Mr Igors Kolusz from Wolverhampton

We acted for Mr Morley following an accident  he suffered at work when he was struck by a fork lift truck. We presented and won the claim for him and he had the following to say: " We have dealt with Carter and Carter on 3 occasions in the last 3 years, at every stage we have felt confident that all was being done that could be done. I would recommend Chris to anybody with a legal issue. Well done and thank you for making everything so easy."

Mr Andrew Morley from Hertfordshire

We helped Mr Dlay with her claim for compensation when she sustained some serious injuries after being thrown from her seat when travelling by bus. This is what she told us following completion of the claim: " Chris Carter was quick, efficient always helpful and always quick replying back to e-mails and calls. Chris is lovely to talk to and always helpful."

Mrs Parsen Dlay from Middlesex

We acted on behalf of Mr Buxton after he was hit head on whilst in his vehicle.  We quickly obtained an admission of liability, secured the necessary evidence and settled his claim on the best possible terms.  He said "thank you for a speedy result in closing my claim, very professional."

Road Traffic Accident Claim following Head On Collision

Mr Raychev broke his teeth due to a foreign object in a sandwich. We helped him claim compensation for the pain and dental treatment he required. He told us: I am so thankful to Mr Chris Carter and all the staff for completing my case successfully! I know they did their best. Well done, it's a pleasure to work with you!

Mr Nikolay Raychev from Essex

We helped Ms Curtis to successfully claim compensation from the council following a nasty fall as a consequence of a leak. Our client told us: " I am very happy with how hard Mr Carter worked on my behalf and very grateful. Thank you."

Ms Barbara Curtis from Birmingham

Our client was injured in a road traffic accident and after handling her claim she had the following to say about our service: " I can't thank Chris (Carter) enough for his assistance in handling my case. His tenacity and persistence was absolutely commendable."

Miss Michelle Cain from London

We helped Miss Long in relation to her Road Traffic Accident  Claim and Miss Long told us: " Chris  Carter was extremely helpful and explained the process clearly. I would recommend his services always. Thank you so much for your help."

Miss Jayne Long from Stevenage

We successfully handled Mr Rose's personal injury claim.  He said: "Could not fault the service of Carter & Carter Solicitors.  Very efficient and fast service! Would recommend to anyone who needs to claim for injury.  From start to finish a very efficient, professional service."

Mr P Rose from Manchester

We successfully handled Mrs McCormack's personal injury claim after a car crash.  She said: "I found Mr Healey to be courteous, efficient and very easy to talk to and would highly recommend."

Mrs J McCormack from Blackpool

We handled Mrs Mathlouthi's personal injury claim after a car accident.  She said: "Having an accident causes a lot of stress but when you have a Solicitor like Mr Healey acting on your behalf, the stress is greatly reduced.  I would strongly recommend this Company and say thank you."

Mrs D Mathlouthi from Blackpool

We handled Mrs Grigg's personal injury claim arising out of a nasty accident in a well known super market.  She told us: " Thank you for giving your expert advice, support and information while remaining unbiased during the difficult time I was experiencing after my accident. It helped me enormously to make the required decisions and also with the way I was feeling as prior to contacting Carter & Carter I was unaware of some of the laid down procedures and legalities involving personal accident claims and was trying to handle my case unaided. I would recommend your company to anyone I know who required legal help with a personal accident claim."

Mrs Stella Grigg from the High Peak

We helped Mrs Traynor with her road traffic accident claim. She told us: "The service was extremely easy to use. Chris (Carter) was also very easy to contact which really helped. I really appreciated his advice and am positive my claim was more successful than if I had acted for myself."

Beverley Traynor from Kent

We handled Mr Vasi's road accident claim and he said: "I was very satisfied with the way my claim was handled from the start."

Mr M Vasi from Manchester

We took care of Mr Jenyon's serious injury claim following a significant impact he suffered in a car accident. Sadly the injuries he sustained ended his career but we did all we could to support him through the whole process which included successful court applications for interim payments. We ultimately secured a very substantial settlement for him. Mr Jenyon told us: "From day one I felt I was put at ease with the dilemma I had to endure.  Mr Chris Carter has been an absolute rock and every time I e-mailed (sometimes extremely early hours) because of lack of sleep, I knew that when I checked my e-mails later that morning he would have replied.  I will definitely recommend Carter and Carter solicitors to anyone if I feel they could help."

Mr Carl Jenyon from Stockport

We handled Mr Thorpe's road accident claim and he wanted to say: "I thought your services were spot on and would defo recommend you to everyone I know.  Thank you v much 4 everything."  

Mr Jason Thorpe from Mansfield

Mrs Cumper asked us to handle her RTA claim and had the following to say: "I found Chris Carter worked on my behalf in a professional efficient manner. I felt he did the best that he could on my behalf with a good outcome."  

Ms Vanessa Cumper from Crawley

We dealt with Mrs Norton's slip and trip claim against the council arising from a badly maintained pavement. Mrs Norton actually started the claim herself but she then asked us to help after the council's insurer's first offer. We set about gathering further evidence to ensure she received the right amount of compensation. The final improved offer was 250% higher than the insurers first offer! Mrs Norton said: "I can highly recommend Carter and Carter solicitors.  The level of service, advice and communication I have experienced throughout my claim has been excellent.  I always felt fully informed as to the progress and content of my case and safe in the hands of my solicitor. Many many thanks you have done fabulous work!"

Mrs Lehanna Norton from London

Miss Lee suffered horrible injuries after an accident in a outdoor market. She received very pessimistic legal advice initially from several other solicitors about the merits of her claim. She told us: "I would like to thank Carter and Carter solicitors for the professional way in which they handled my personal injury claim, from the initial referral to recently finalising my case.  I was kept thoroughly informed by letter or telephone as to any developments and exactly how my case was progressing.  It was a pleasure to deal with this wonderful team at Carter and Carter solicitors and the confidence they gave me to believe in their advice and direction where other solicitors were reluctant to take on my case.  To finally receive compensation for my suffering was such a bonus.  Congratulations on this excellent win to Carter and Carter solicitors whom I highly recommend."  

Miss Catherine Lee from Harrogate

Mr Dale suffered a nasty head injury when he was at college. There was a fault with a fire door which caused it to jam shut  unexpectedly. The defendant's insurers robustly denied liability and dug their heels in. However they eventually agreed to deal with the claim once they realised we would  go all the way to trial for our client if necessary. Mr Dale told us: "Brilliant service and fought hard to get a great outcome, many thanks!"

Mr Mark Paul Dale from Newcastle Upon Tyne

We helped Mr Chapman following an injury he suffered in a well known DIY store. He wanted to say: "Carter and Carter were extremely helpful and I wouldn’t contact anybody else!"  

Mr Paul Chapman from Newcastle

Mr Khan appointed us to act for him following a car accident and he told us: "Fast reliable service.  Staff kind and do all their best to settle claim fast."  

Mr Imran Khan from Birmingham

We helped Mr Jaworski with his car accident claim and he said to us: "I am very happy with the work that the company done with my claim and I will recommend friends and family to your company all the time.  Thank you for your help."  

Mr Krzysztof Jaworski from London

Mr Stiff suffered a nasty accident when at a live arena event. The Defendant's contested liability until it was obvious we were not going to take no for an answer! Our client told us: "My claim was not entirely straightforward however I was 100% confident it would be dealt with by way of professionalism, integrity and competence."

Mr Leigh Stiff from Northamptonshire

Mr Herod was travelling on a bus when it was involved in a head on collision with a car. He said to at the end of the claim: "I am usually a hard man to please but I genuinely can’t stress enough how impressed and satisfied I was with the service I received from Carter and Carter solicitors.  Nothing was too much trouble, and it felt like they always had my best interests at heart.  They were very professional and approachable people and although I hope I or anybody close to me isn’t involved in an accident again, I know who I will be going to recommend in the future 10/10!"

Mr John Herod from Rochdale

Mrs Foster suffered injuries in a road accident and told us we are: "Very efficient solicitors."

Mrs Tesni Foster from Colwyn Bay

Mr Mckay asked us to help him with his car accident claim: "Although the legal process is very complex I was very grateful to the person who guided me through the maze.  Thank you."  

Mr Kenneth McKay from Lancashire

Mrs Smith asked us to help following a road traffic accident. She said to us: "I would like to thank Mr Christopher Carter for being so kind and helpful.  It was a pleasure to talk to you.  Thank you."    

Mrs Theresa Smith from Burton on Trent

Mrs Smith came to us for help after suffering a nasty injury while visiting one of the large fast food restaurants. She told us: "Not knowing anything about these claims cases I was very reassured and kept up to date every step of the way.  The stress was taken away from me, while Chris Carter dealt with everything.  Thank you very much Christopher I really appreciate everything and I am highly satisfied with my damages claim."  

Ms Betty Smith from Rotherham

Mr Lodge was injured when out riding his bicycle. Unfortunately the defendant motorist failed to see Mr Lodge and careered into the back of him. Mr Lodge told us: "I found the experience of the claim to be straightforward and unpressured.  Advice was given throughout as to which decisions should be made.  The proceeds of the claim were received surprisingly quickly."  

Mr Peter Lodge from Wigan

Mrs O'Kane suffered injury when boiling hot tea scalded her when at the Defendant's premises. She told us that we were: "Very helpful and professional."  

Mrs Frances O’Kane from Norfolk

Mrs Ridgeway came to us for help following a car accident.  She told us: "My car accident coincided with the death of my best friend.  I was naturally reluctant to consider making a claim for my injuries fearing that it would generate additional stress and complications.  However, from the very first contact I was very impressed with the empathetic and friendly manner in which my information was taken and the professionalism shown in terms of dealing with my claim was outstanding.  I am very pleased with the settlement and would highly recommend Carter and Carter to all those who require support and assistance."

Mrs Laura Ridgway from Shrewsbury

We helped Mr Glenn with injuries he sustained following a road traffic accident  This is what he said to us: "Initially unsure about pursuing a claim, Carter and Carter through their vast experience and calm professional approach gave me the confidence to do so.  Five highly efficient, totally connected and courteous months later I received a cheque for a most satisfactory settlement figure."

Mr Tim Glenn from Nottingham

Mr Taggart suffered injuries as a result of a drunk driver. He said to us: "Thank you for your quick and prompt service.  Thank you."  

Mr Daniel Taggart from Birmingham

We helped Ms Chandler with her RTA claim and she said to us: "Very efficient service, gave me hope when my own car insurance company failed me and Carter and Carter saw things through to the end and gave me reassurance throughout.  I was kept up to date at every stage of the process."  

Ms Claire Chandler from Newcastle

Mrs Williams asked us to act for her in relation the bus accident claim when the driver drove in an erratic manner causing her to fall and injure herself.  Our client told us she was happy with everything: "I would recommend this company to anyone due to the fact that I was always kept informed on the progress of my case and information was simplified so that it could be easily understood.  All the fact that this company is very genuine. Excellent customer care."  

Mrs Barbara Williams from Middlesex

Ms Davies slipped in a night club injuring herself. She said to us: "I was happy with the end result."

Ms Mandy Davies from West Glamorgan

Mrs Hudson suffered injuries after falling through an open man hole cover. Our opponents fought the claim but despite trying to resist our arguments in relation to liability they eventually saw the error of their ways. Our client said to us: "David Healey of Carter and Carter Solicitors dealt with my claim quickly and efficiently and made the whole procedure very easy. I would recommend them to any friends."

Mrs Barbara Hudson from Blackpool

Ms Sheehy suffered a very nasty allergic reaction following a trip to the hairdressers when hair dye was applied but without using the correct techniques. Our client said to us: "Excellent service, would use them again.  Answered questions clearly, great communication.  Solicitor was friendly and explained everything clearly and quickly .. unusual in this day …"

Ms Caroline Sheehy from Hampshire

We helped Mrs Ford with her untraced mororist claim pursued on her behalf  through the Motor Insurers Bureau. Our client told us: "The service I received was well above my expectation.  I never felt at any time I was forgotten!  I will willingly tell any members of my family or friends to contact you should the need for a claim arise.  Many thanks Mr Healey for the effort in which you dealt with my claim."

Mrs Elizabeth Ford from London

Ms Fielden sustained a serious injury to her arm which required reconstruction as a consequence of unsafe working practices. Our client was pleased with the outcome and told us: "I am very impressed with the service provided.  I will recommend this practice to anybody that has a claim to be made.  I will be forever grateful for all the efforts of Mr Chris Carter and his team of experts."

Ms Lesley Eileen Fielden from West Yorkshire

We assisted Ms Behenna with a claim which arose out of a slipping accident at work.  Our client said to us: "Excellent service, friendly, personal and prompt replies to queries. Thank you."

Ms Kim Behenna from Worcestershire

Mr Gradwell instruted us following his road traffic accident. Mr Gradwell said to us: "I would not hesitate to recommend Chris (Carter) and his team in the future.  An excellent service, well delivered."

Mr Glenn Gradwell from Bolton

We acted for Mr Symes in relation to his road traffic accident claim. We settled his claim on excellent terms and within 2 weeks! Mr Symes told us: " I found the company extremely helpful and excellent service.  I hugely recommend them."    

Mr Jonathan Symes

We helped Mr Morris with his claim for compensation arising out of a nasty injury at a night club when he stepped onto the stem of a broken wine glass. Other solicitors didn't want to act for him but that didn't put us off as we have years of experience of dealing with claims such as this. Mr Morris summed up matters in this way: "Very professional yet approachable and always ready to answer any concerns, very happy to recommend Carter and Carter!"

Mr David Morris from Birmingham

We helped Mr Willoughby Branch with his road traffic accident claim. He told us: "It is not easy or even comfortable to make recommendation of persons one have not met personally.  However through conversation on the phone, and e-mails to the company, Carter and Carter solicitors I have found, the company to be up front with information and advice, second to none. At every step they have been highly enthusiastic and professional, with my claims.  I have come to know Mr Carter through the sound of his voice and his emails.  There is and would be no hesitation to recommend Carter and Carter solicitors to any of my friends and family …. Highly recommended."

Mr Willoughby Branch from Manchester

We helped Mr Grice with his claim arising out of an accident at work. Mr Grice reported back to us as follows: "The service I received was excellent."

Mr Michael Grice – West Midlands

We helped Mrs Marshall secure compensation for injuries she sustained when shopping at her local garden centre. She said to us: "Very satisfied with the service received – wouldn’t hesitate to use again. Thank you!"  

Mrs Martine Ann Marshall from Nottingham

We helped Mrs Lord with her accident claim which arose out of a visit to a local book shop. The store actually went into liquidation following our involvement but even so we were pleased to be able to obtain her the compensation that she deserved. She told us: "I found Carter and Carter solicitors very professional and they made my claim easy and stress free.  I really felt they were acting in my best interest at all times.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.  Many thanks."

Mrs Elizabeth Lord from Kingston upon Thames

We handled Mr Sturgeon-Brown's road traffic accident claim. He told us: " For me, Carter and Carter have been very helpful in regards to my claim to such a degree I received more than I expected.  I could put forward Carter and Carter as acting solicitors to anyone seeking legal help with no fear of a come back."      

Mr Terry Sturgeon-Brown from Kent

We assisted Mr Thomas with his serious accident claim arising out of an explosion at work. Mr Thomas sustained some quite dreadful permanent injuries and we did all we could to help him on the road to recovery by securing interim payments, appropriate treatment and an excellent final settlement. Mr Thomas summed matters up by saying: " Despite my case being extremely complex the service I received throughout the 2 years of ongoing investigation had an extremely successful resolution.  Totally professional, empathetic and positive at every step of the process."

Mr Lyn Thomas from South Glamorgan

We were appointed by Mrs Standring to take care of her RTA claim. She said to us: "A very easy, stress free way of receiving the damages I deserved.  Glad I chose Carter and Carter to handle my case."

Mrs Hilary Standring from Peterborough

We acted for Mrs Clarke in relation to a series of accidents she suffered whilst out and about. She told us: "I have been very satisfied with the whole progress of my cases – always helpful and willing to explain any details not easily understood – would recommend."

Ms Anne Clarke from Kent

Mr Goodwin's road traffic accident claim was hotly disputed but in the end, after considerable resistance from the other side, we secured the right result.  He summed things up by saying: " I have been grateful for the support in which you have given throughout my claim as it has gone on for over 14 months and you have battled away on my behalf and as a result have got the conclusion which I deserve.  I would like to thank David Healey for his efforts!"

Mr Nicholas Goodwin from Stockport

We acted for Mr Pringle in relation to accident he suffered at work on a construction site.  He tolds us: " I found the service to be very good and of a high standard, all questions were answered very quickly and professionally."  

Mr Darren Pringle from Nottinghamshire

Ms Bennet suffered a nasty fall in a supermarket arising from the store's failure to alert her to the freshly mopped floor. Ms Bennet told us: "Very pleased with the service provided, all my e-mails were answered promptly and all the people who dealt with my claim were friendly and professional.  I was very pleased with the outcome and amount of compensation I received."

Ms Marie Bennet from Mid-Glamorgan

Mr Powell appointed us following his road traffic accident claim.  He told us: "Many thanks for the excellent service and a satisfactory conclusion to my claim."  

Mr Stephen Powell from Weston-super-Mare

We helped Ms Buddah after she injured herself while staying at a hotel. She wanted to say: "Mr David Healey was very helpful, communicated with me all the time and was honest all the way through.  It is a shame I did not get a chance to meet with him in person to thank him.  I will highly recommend and use him again."

Ms Leticia Buddah from London

We helped Mrs Robinson with her car accident claim. She told us: "Professional, clear and sound advice.  Above all they were trustworthy in their advice.  I also received my compensation cheque much quicker than anticipated.  Yes, you can count on Carter and Carter solicitors to represent you."

Mrs Winsome Robinson

Ms Butler suffered an accident at work as a consequence of faulty work equipment and upon the conclusion of her claim  said: "I would like to take this opportunity, David (Healey), in thanking you for all your help with my case.  The level of professionalism from Carter and Carter Solicitors was second to none from beginning to end. I have felt comfortable and secure in your judgement and I have nothing but praise and recommendation for your company. Thank you once again."  

Ms Alison Butler from West Midlands

Mr Martin badly injured his hand when trying to open a faulty window in a guesthouse He told us: " Very impressed with the service I was given.  The case was handled in a professional manner from start to finish and I was pleased with the frequent updates I received."

Mr Paul Martin from Cornwall

Mrs Tyrell came to us after slipping on a supermarket floor where a customer had spilt some bubble bath but the store had failed to clear up the mess properly.  Mrs Tyrell said to us: "The service I received whilst my claim was processed was in every way very efficient.  The company in whole were very friendly and thorough, and did their best to get the best award possible.  Thank you very much."

Ms Sandra Elaine Tyrell

Mr Harker sustained his injuries whilst riding his motorbike along a major road. Unfortunately a car driver pulled out from a side road into Mr Harker's path and a collision occurred. Mr Harker wanted to say: "Outstanding and extremely efficient service.  I’m extremely satisfied with everyone who was involved with my claim and my thanks go to them.  Very much a recommended company."

Mr Chris Harker from Burnley

Mrs Nicholls asked us to help after suffering injury at a well know supermarket when a member of staff accidentally slammed shut a heavy freezer door onto her arm. She told us: " I could not be more pleased with the way my claim was dealt with by a very professional gentleman.  I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Mr C Carter."

Mrs Margaret Nicolls from Birmingham

Mr Brownhill asked us to act for him when he suffered a rear end shunt. Mr Brownhill wanted to say: "The service I received was nothing but professional and I am extremely pleased with the final outcome and would definitely recommend.  Thank you !"

Mr Stuart Brownhill from West Midlands

Ms Bates asked us to act for her when she was thrown from her seat when her bus driver was driving erratically. She told us: "Excellent service, would recommend to others.  Very informative relating to stages of claim – helpful and friendly. Brilliant."  

Ms Margaret Bates from Derby

We helped Miss Dixon with an accident claim which occurred in a busy store when a member of staff inadvertently struck her with a high roller cage. The store even denied the accident ever took place but we were able to demonstrate otherwise. Our client told us: "The service I received was excellent. Thank you all so very much."

Miss Sherice Dixon from Glossop

We handled Mr O'Slynn's road traffic accident claim and he told us: " Was very pleased with the service even when the other party denied the accident Carter and Carter carried on to pursue the claim and succeeded. Thank you."

Mr Michael O’Slynn from Birmingham

Mr McConville came to us following an accident at work which he suffered due to faulty equipment. He said: "Greatly satisfied with the efficient service and kept me well informed at all stages of the claim process."  

Mr Anthony McConville from Gateshead

Ms Pattinson was injured when the zimmer frame she was using following an operation actually failed causing injury and unfortunate complications. Our client told us: "David (Healey) courteously and efficiently, dealt with  my claim.  He always kept m updated at all times, it was a pleasure to receive his e-mails as he has a good sense of humour.  I would certainly recommended Carter and Carter for any business regarding accidents etc.

Ms Jaqueline Pattinson from Rochdale

We succeeded with a claim for Ms Dixon following a laceration she sustained in a local swimming pool. She wanted to say: " Fantastic Service, very efficient.  I would definitely recommend this company.  First class from start to finish.  Thank you so much for everything."  

Ms Kathleen Dixon from Leeds

Ms Shaw asked us to help after she suffered injuries in a taxi as a result of the driver not paying proper attention. Ms Shaw told us: "I was very happy with the fast response I received to any queries and also I was kept up to date with every stage of my claim.  Very good communication standards!"

Ms Louise Shaw from Nottingham

We helped Ms Burn with her compensation claim when she sustained lacerations to her foot whilst at a night club. Ms Burn had the following to say: "David Healey whom dealt with my claim was very supportive, patient and with his care made my claim a success."  

Ms Danielle Burn from Northumberland

We acted for Miss Pickering following an accident at work when she was operating a fork lift truck. She told us: "I can’t thank you enough for the service and the outcome I received from my claim.  I preferred to be contacted via email which wasn’t a problem.  I received emails on a regular basis and got a reply from  mine very quick.  Your effort and quick response was outstanding.  Thank you."

Miss Estelle Pickering from Burton on Trent

We acted for Mr Evans after he sustained nasty burns when participating in a Go Karting party at the Defendant's premises. The Defendant's were adamant that they were not responsible for the injuries and produced evidence to show the go kart was brand new. Nevertheless, we managed to apply pressure through expert evidence and brought about a negotiated settlement.  Our client told us: "David (Healey)  made it easy and less hassle.  Contacted only when needed and did all he could to help.  Will be passing his details to people if needed."

Mr Scott Evans from Birmingham

Ms Scarth instructed us after she injured herself when she fell into a manhole which her landlord had fitted with a temporary cover which had perished. Mrs Scarth told us: " Great service.  David (Healey) was always very helpful and quick to reply to any queries."

Ms Lesley Scarth from London

Mr Brannigan asked us to act for him when he was involved in a road traffic accident which was fiercely contested. Our Mr Healey challenged the other side and vigorously pursued matters to a successful conclusion. Mr Brannigan said: " Excellent service received from David (Healey), prompt action taken against the third party.  I would definitely use C & C again if required."  

Mr Laurence Brannigan from Rochdale

We acted for Miss Taylor following her road traffic accident. At the end of the claim she wrote in to us to say: "I would like to express a sincere thank you to all the team at Carter and Carter for their work they efficiently did on behalf of myself during a stressful and difficult time.  Thank you. "

Miss Susan Jane Taylor from Stoke on Trent

Mrs Mason approached us after part of a ceiling collapsed on her whilst she was in her rental property. She told us: "I am very grateful in the manner my claim was handled.  Thank you very much David (Healey) and co workers for a job well done."  

Mrs Ina Mason from Middlesex

Mr Dixon suffered injuries when he was travelling in his friend's car which lost control at a roundabout. He said to us: "Very pleased with the prompt service I received and general advice."

Mr Rakeem Dixon from Essex

  Mr Sesay chose to appoint us when he suffered a car accident when the defendant, who was driving along a bus lane, switched lanes without warning and into our client's path. Mr Sesay told us:" I have received a very good and excellent service from carter solicitor, thank you for your hard work.  Thank you."

Mr Ibrahim Sesay from London

Ms Litsenborgh came to us following her accident at work when she slipped and fell. She told us: "I have had excellent service from your company.  David Healey is a “star” helping me all the way. Thanks."

Ms Sandy Van Litsenborgh from Essex

We were instructed by Mrs Wright when she suffered an injury when browsing in caravan showroom. Our client says: "Excellent service – efficient and speedy!  Very pleased with the way Mr Healey dealt with this claim."

Mrs Janice Wright from Rochdale

Mrs Hutton came to us for help when she suffered a nasty injury when out shopping in a large store.  She told us: "Very pleased and thank you."

Mrs Jacqueline Hutton from Lancashire

We helped Mr Pattison with his claim arising out injuries sustained whilst abroad on holiday when part of a balcony fell on him. Our client told us: "The service I received was first class, friendly during a difficult time for my wife and I."      

Mr Ray Pattison from Manchester

We took care of Mr Shrestha's RTA claim. He told us: "I am very glad about the handling of my claim by Mr Healey who was very helpful person."

Mr Ambar Shrestha from London

We acted fro Mrs Howell's daughter who was a passenger in a vehicle which lost control and ended up in a marina.  Mrs Howells told us: "I found the service very satisfying.  I would definitely use you again.  Lovely friendly manner I received on all phone calls."  

Mrs Tracey Howells from Somerset

We helped Dr Thomas with his accident claim arising from a nasty injury he sustained when using an escalator in one of the large supermarkets. Dr Thomas wanted to say: "The service provided by Mr Carter was excellent.  He was very prompt in responding to phone calls and e-mails.  I was always kept informed about he progress of the case."

Dr John Thomas from Surrey

We helped Mrs Scally following her accident in a bank and after several other solicitors had turned her down. She told us: "I was very distressed after the accident and did not receive help from all companies contacted but once Carter and Carter were involved I was treated sensitively and given expert advice about my claim.  I am grateful that you dealt with this on my behalf and managed to obtain fair compensation for the trauma I suffered."

Ms Wendy Scally from West Sussex

Ms Tan was turned away by other solicitors but we could see merit in her accident at work claim and we were pleased to help her.  She wanted to make the following statement by way of thanks:  "Chris [Carter] is a fantastic lawyer who was patient enough to take my claim and turned it into one of the quickest, most suprising claim I could ask for.  He always polite and ever so thinking of the client’s interests.  He great and easy person to work with and will  definitely introduce him to others in future.  Words cannot express thank you too much."  

Ms Phileona Tan from London

We handled Ms Graham's accident at work claim when she tripped and fell due to a dangerous defect. She says: "Friendly, fast, efficient service.  Would recommend this company to our family or friends."  

Ms Ceoia Graham from Kent

Extremely pleased with the efficient and productive service I received throughout my claim.  Would re-use this firm and recommend to others.  (Mrs Watson's accident happened in a shop.)    

Mrs Laura Watson from West Yorkshire

We have helped Ms Davies on more than one occasion and were only too happy to be of assistance to her. She told us: "This is the second time I have used Chris (Carter) and he is truly fantastic!  I have passed his details to a friend who has just had an accident.  I can only sing his praises. Thank you Chris."

Miss Rebecca Davies from Northampton

Mrs Barnes appointed us to deal with her accident at work claim when she fell into an open trap door. She said to us: "This Company dealt with my claim.  They were extremely helpful and kept me up to date at all times.  Extremely glad I used them and will recommend them most definitely!"

Mrs Rhonda Barnes from London

We handled Ms Davies bus accident claim and she told us: "I was happy to have had Chris Carter as my solicitor; a very good service, prompt replies.  Many thanks."

Ms Christine Davies from Mid Glamorgan

We dealt with Mr Rowland's accident at work claim and he told us: "The overall service you offer is of a very high standard..  I would definitely recommend your company.  Thank you for all your efforts."  

Mr Connor Rowland from Essex

We dealt with Mr Hemsley's motorbike accident claim and despite a full denial we pressed on and succeeded with his claim. He told us: "I have been very satisfied with the service and found the company to be friendly and have given me helpful and sound advice throughout my claim."

Mr John Hemsley from Clevedon

We helped Mr Davies with his RTA claim and he told us: "I have used Carter and Carter solicitors on more than one occasion now and I would recommend the company to anyone including family and close friends.  I was kept informed by Chris [Carter] from start to finish and all the time knew my claim was in good hands."  

Mr Gareth Davies from Stockport

We handled Mrs Watcchorn's claim when she suffered a nasty injury in a well know supermarket. She says: "I am very impressed with the way my claim was handled. Mr Carter has been extremely helpful and informative and the whole claim has been settled quickly and with no additional stress on my part.  Thank you."

Mrs Linda Watcchorn from Rutland

We helped Mr Stearns with his with his accident at work claim when a steel pole fell onto him. Liability was denied but we still managed to bring about a successful result for him. He says: "The service of Carter and Carter was excellent from the first call to the last call.  If the need arises again to use them I will be on the phone asap.  I just want to thank you for all that you have done for me and all the best in the future."

Mr Nicholas Stearns from Kent

We dealt with Mr Cain's road traffic accident claim. He told us: "Service was very professional and I am very happy with support and advice I received."

Mr Peter Cain from Manchester

We helped Ms Pearce with an accident she suffered in a supermarket. She said: " Wonderful help and advice from start to finish. Would recommend you to anyone! Very prompt and efficient."

Ms Heather Pearce from Wiltshire

Mr Christopher Carter is a very good solicitor which I would recommend to my friends and family and colleagues as Mr Carter worked on my behalf and got me a good result on my case.

Mr Lee Salter from Kent

We dealt with Mr Swinbourne's road accident claim and he said: " more than happy with the way Mr Chris Carter manage my case.  I would have no problem recommend Carter and Carter to anyone as they do a good job."

Mr Kevin Swinbourne from Northamptonshire –

I was very pleased and grateful to Chris Carter.  Very very pleased with how my claim was dealt with could not have had better from anyone else.  Thanks.  

Mrs P Hales from South Gloucester

My claim was dealt with quickly and I found Chris Carter very professional and approachable. He kept me informed of the progress of my claim at every stage.  I received a positive outcome and am very grateful for the pleasant efficient manner in which I was dealt with.

K Brady from West Lothian

A fab, reliable, efficient service!  Always a clear understanding of what was happening. Fantastic communication. Extremely professional.

Master Morgan West (infant) South Glamorgan

Thank you Chris (Carter) and your staff for the brilliant job you did for me during this trying time.  I always felt part of the process and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.  Again, a massive thanks from me.

Mr David Schofield from Manchester

Carter and Carter solicitors are very polite, nice and friendly. They tell you if you have a claim or not, they handle everything keeping you informed till your case is won.  I recommend them to anyone needing a solicitor for accidents not their fault.

Mrs Grace Akpuche from London

We agreed to accept Mrs Dank's slip and trip claim although we knew it would be a tough fight: "Although it was a difficult claim with no witnesses, Chris (Carter) took it on and did exceptionally well.  I was very happy with the service and the outcome."    

Mrs Denise Danks from Bromsgrove

Excellent service, with a friendly manner.  I was kept informed at every stage and everything was explained very clearly to me.  Would definitely recommend.

Miss A Allcock from Stockport

We agreed to accept Mr Woolfe's accident at work claim even though other solicitors had declined to act in view of the impending 3 year limitation period. We knew we could sort everything quickly and win the claim.   "The service provided by Carter and Carter was a pleasant, low stress and efficient service.  Should anyone I know require services such as this company offers, please be assured that my recommendation for Carter and Carter is of the highest order."  

Mr S Woolfe from Wolverhampton

We helped Mr Middle with his road traffic accident claim. He wanted to say: "I received a very professional and competent service.  Every detail was taken into account and the advice given was accurate and very helpful.  Thank you very much!"

Mr Andrew Middle from Bristol

I would recommend you as you were extremely helpful and polite and also did your best to achieve the best result for your client.

Mr K Kayriacou from Kent

I would like to thank Mr Carter for the successful outcome and damages awarded. I was turned down by another solicitor who thought the claim would not be successful.

Mr P Hicks from Kent

I have nothing but praise for Carter & Carter Solicitors in the way they handled my injury claim. From the initial contact up to a successful "finale" I was treated with politeness, sympathy and, encouragement - when things got tough! Always accepted my calls to clarify yet another query without any sign of irritation or unpleasantness. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Carter & Carter solicitors to anybody!

Ms S Mace from Monmouthshire

From day one I was provided with an efficient and reliable service. Always had the time for a quick response to any questions or concerns.

Miss H Clarke from Disley, Stockport

Mrs Mason was injured when her kitchen ceiling collapsed.  After being rejected by a number of Solicitors, we spoke to her, immediately saw the strengths of her case and agreed to take it on.   We contacted the Council, convinced them to accept they were to blame and they paid compensation to Mrs Mason.

Mrs Mason from London

Mrs Asiedu was a passenger on a Bus when the driver closed the bus doors, trapping her shoulders.  After being rejected by a number of Solicitors, we spoke to her, immediately saw the strengths of her case and agreed to take it on.  We contacted the Bus company and convinced them to pay compensation to Mrs Asiedu which they did.

Mrs E Asiedu from London recovered £11,950

Mr Sund was injured at work when he cut himself on an exposed metal edge which was running along the conveyor belt he was working on.   After being knocked back by a number of Solicitors, we spoke to him, immediately saw the strengths of his case and agreed to take it on.  We contacted the Employer, obtained an admission of blame and they compensated Mr Sund.  He said "a hassle free claim dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Clear to understand information and emails kept me up to date with my claim."

Mr A Sund from West Midlands recovered £4,650

Mr McConville was injured at work because a clamp on the machine which he was working on was missing.  As a result he suffered a broken nose.  His case was turned down by a number of Solicitors but we spoke to him, spotted the strengths in his case and agreed to take it on, securing him compensation.   He said that he was "greatly satisfied with the efficient service and was kept well informed at all stages of the claim process."

Mr A McConville from Tyne & Wear recovered £9,950

Ms Bishop was injured when she had her legs waxed at a Beauty Salon.  As a result of the waxing she suffered permanent scarring.  A number of Solicitors rejected her case stating she would not win but we spoke to her and agreed to take her case on.  Despite the Beauty Salon refusing to accept the blame, we convinced them that they were to blame and they agreed to pay compensation.  Ms Bishop said "I am extremely satisfied with your service!  I was kept informed throughout the whole process and was impressed with how efficient and professional all the staff were.  Would recommend your company very highly!"

Ms E Bishop from Essex recovered £10,250

Mrs Manecki was injured after she slipped whilst walking into a well known high street Store on a wet day.  Solicitors took her case on but when the Store refused to accept they were to blame her Solicitors dumped her.  We were contacted by her to review the papers and after highlighting a number of strengths agreed to take her case on.  We contacted the Store to advise them of our involvement, made a variety of points and convinced them to accept the blame which meant Mrs Manecki was compensated.  She said "I was informed at every stage by a very competent David Healey and am absolutely delighted with the result."

Mrs B Manecki from Lancashire recovered £3,960

Mr Coley was injured after he slipped in a wet toilet in a well known bar chain.  He went into the toilets and unfortunately, unknown to him, the floor was soaking wet.  Numerous Solicitors refused to take his case on as they believed it was too difficult and the Bar was bound to have a system of inspection for the toilets.  We spoke to him, saw the strengths in his case and agreed to act on his behalf.  We contacted the Bar and convinced them to accept blame for the accident which resulted in Mr Coley being compensated.

Mr B Coley from West Midlands recovered £3,950

Mr Saleh was at work when he went over on his ankle in a pothole.  A number of Solicitors refused to take his case on as they did not think he would win.  We spoke to him and quickly established that he had good prospects of success.  We contacted the Employer and secured an admission of fault which resulted in Mr Saleh being compensated.  Mr Saleh said "throughout the journey that I experienced with Carter & Carter Solicitors, I felt that my claim was being resolved and that the result would be a successful one.  I am greatly appreciative of the people involved with my claim and how they constantly kept me informed."

Mr M Saleh from Staffs recovered £7,750

Mr Adams was injured after he was electrocuted whilst working as an Electrician.  A number of Solicitors refused to act for him because they did not think he would win.   We spoke to him, agreed to act on his behalf and contacted the Employer.  Initially the Employer refused to accept they had done anything wrong but using our skill and expertise we convinced them that they were in the wrong and secured an admission of liability which resulted in Mr Adams receiving compensation.

Mr M Adams from Kent

Mrs Grandison was injured when she went to a Beauty Salon to have her eyebrows waxed.  After the treatment she felt a burning sensation and had what looked like burns which it seemed had occurred because the wax was too hot.  A number of Solicitors refused to take her case on as they did not think she would win.  We spoke to her, agreed to act on her behalf and using our expertise, won her case and secured her compensation.

Mrs S Grandison from Essex

Mr Olner was at work when he pricked his finger on a hyperdermic needle.   He was understandably very concerned about this but despite his concerns a number of Solicitors refused to take his case on.   We spoke to him, quickly realised that he had good prospects of success and took his case on.   We persuaded his Employer to accept the entire blame for the accident and his claim was settled very quickly.

Mr J Olner from Nottingham recovered £7,500

Ms Anthony was in the toilets at a Shopping Centre when she slipped on the wet floor.   Her claim was rejected by a number of Solicitors but we knew we would be able to secure a positive result using our experience and quickly obtained an acceptance of blame and settled the claim on a 100% basis.

Ms C Anthony from Surrey

Mrs Bell was injured after a chair she was sitting on in a Pub collapsed.  Other Solicitors rejected her claim but we took it on, secured an admission of liability and settled it.  Mrs Bell said "thank you all for helping me."

Mrs R Bell from Hampshire recovered £9,875

Ms Zhao was injured after she trod on a security pin which had been dropped by a member of staff at a well known Department Store.   We took her case on after other Solicitors didn't want to know and successfully settled it.   Ms Zhao said "it was very good dealing with David (Healey), he was very approachable."

Ms X Zhao from London

After having a road traffic accident and instructing ourselves, Mr Wain said "1st Class Service!! I had no hassle with complicated paperwork or calls and David Healey, our Solicitor, was friendly, very informative and efficient in dealing with my claim.  I would happily recommend this Firm to anyone."

Mr L Wain from Cheshire recovered £4,350

Very happy and very Quick ! Pleased with the way everything went from start to finish.

Mrs D Hearn

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