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Accident at Home Compensation Claim

Our clients were in the kitchen of their Council owned property when the ceiling gave way, collapsed on to them and caused an Accident at Home Compensation Claim.  Understandably they were very shaken by this as well as being injured through no fault of their own.  They approached a number of Solicitors who were unwilling to take their case on for what they saw as poor prospects of winning but we spoke to them, agreed to act on their behalf and to pursue accident claim compensation.

Who is to blame for an Accident at Home Compensation 

This case threw up a number of issues because the Council could only be held at fault for this accident and our clients’ injuries if we could prove they were on notice that there was a problem with the ceiling before it caved in.  Added to that there were a number of other potential Defendants who could also have been responsible.

We successfully argued with the Council that they were responsible for the accident and injuries and after a successful fight we secured compensation for both our clients.


Our clients suffered injuries as a result of what was an avoidable accident had a system of inspection and maintenance been in place.  Just because you speak to a Solicitor who won’t take your claim on, does not mean you cannot win.  We specialise in difficult cases which other Solicitors have struggled with and closed.

We can help with your Accident at Home Compensation Claim

David Healey at Carter & Carter Solicitors is very experienced in handling Accident at Home Compensation Claims as well as accident compensation claims relating to all types of serious injury and is a specialist dealing with accident compensation claims involving fatalities, catastrophic injuries and amputations.

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