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Farm Accident Claim Case Study – Serious Injury Claim

Farm Accident Claims tend to involve serious injuries as a consequence of the working environment which often includes working along side machinery which can be really dangerous. It’s also often true that those who work in the agricultural industry do not have adequate training and dangerous working practices can often arise.

The Facts of this Farm Accident Claim:

In this particular claim our client was attempting to clean a huge combine harvester but rather than attempting to do this whilst the harvester was switched off he set about cleaning the blades of the machine as they were still rotating. Clearly this was not a sensible thing for him to do and unfortunately he was dragged into the body of the machine and sustained some quite horrific injuries that were life threatening. It took precious moments for our client’s colleagues to turn of the machine by which time our client had sustained life changing injuries.

Winning the Argument

We helped the client as much as we could by first of all winning the overall argument in relation to liability. The Defendant’s insurer were always going to run the argument that the client was the author of his own misfortune but we resisted this line of attack as far as possible. Although our client was asking for trouble by attempting to clean the harvester in this way the evidence we carefully gathered together suggested that there was a lack of any formal training and that there was a culture of adopting dangerous practices amongst the workforce.  We persuaded the defendant’s insurer to make a series of interim payments which helped our client to obtain the private medical treatment he required. Our client, despite the farm accident injuries which caused awful wounds to his lower body had a remarkably positive mental outlook and by remaining positive he managed in the end to rebuild his life and adopt a philosophical outlook.

Significant Compensation

In the end our client received a very substantial compensation payment for his accident farm claim and he was able to move forward with his life.

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